Sunday, September 9

Coffee Date {vol. 3}

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that moving has been an overwhelming (but incredibly rewarding) experience.
If you're not caught up from my personal Facebook or Instagram, my husband and I moved from Denver, Colorado to Des Moines, Iowa at the end of August. Denver's cost of living was just too high, and our dream of owning a home this year (or even in the next 5 years) was going to be near impossible unless we moved to a far suburb of Denver - defeating the purpose of moving here, moving further from our jobs, and leaving us to the mercy of Denver's already-terrible traffic. J and I had a long and tearful conversation one weekend about our future plans, and we realized that we had independently both assumed we would move back to Des Moines eventually. Long story short, we decided to move home and we've been so excited to be closer to my family and so many of our friends.

Tuesday, June 26

Coffee Date {vol. 2}

If we were having coffee this morning, I'd be drinking my new Cinnamon Hazelnut medium roast.
I bought a bunch of new K-cups last week, but I also bought a bag of ground coffee. We have reusable cups for our Keurig, but they tend to be mostly unused (or used for hot water). I haven't quite figured out the trick to making strong coffee with them... after 4 years, haha. It feels like whenever I try to make a cup, it's watery and full of coffee grounds. I can make coffee in a pot like a pro, so it's not that I don't know how to make regular coffee, haha. I've tried filling up the cup to the brim, and I've tried filling it about half way, but nothing seems to make a difference. Are there any reusable K-cups you'd recommend? Am I using them wrong? Please help!

Wednesday, May 9

Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

On January 19 of this year, I stopped wearing foundation. I was scared of how people would react - I work in a very image-conscious industry, and as someone who would prefer to be in a sweater and leggings all day every day, I worried that not wearing a full face of makeup would make me look less polished, less put-together, and less professional.

Everything came to a head in early January. When I'm just going into the office and not seeing clients, my typical look is dress pants, a nice shirt, and a cardigan or blazer. When I'm going to court, a deposition, or a mediation, I dress up more. At that time, I was going to two depositions a day. My limited number of matching suits were working overtime and I was struggling with the time it took to put on makeup every morning. I kept thinking of my male co-workers and felt this rage bubbling up inside me. While I was taking an hour or so to get ready every morning, all my male colleagues had to do was brush their hair and put on a suit. It felt extremely unfair, particularly as someone who wouldn't put nearly this much time into her appearance on a "normal" day.