Saturday, September 21

Life Lately {vol 11}

Lately, I...

+ Struggled with looking semi-decent at law school while trying to be warm & comfy +
+ Bought James a Spider-Man chair, which he LOVES +
+ Starting using my heater & heated mattress pad +
+ Brought my winter & fall clothes out of storage +
+ Have started drinking coffee every morning, sometimes twice a day + 
+ Finally started wearing my grandpa sweaters again! + 
+ Have been missing my boyfriend + 
+ Do homework all day, every day + 
+ Re-colored the hair around my hairline, and it looks so much better & brighter! + 
+ Went to the New Hampshire Women's Bar Association benefit night thing + 
+ Got a postcard from my best friend, which made my week +
+ Fell in love with a crock pot at Target. Wowza! +
+ Made smoothies this morning! +

What have you been up to lately? Have you made the plunge to warmer clothing yet? Are you addicted to coffee yet?

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