Friday, February 20

Evidence Flow Charts

Hey friends! I took Evidence last semester, and about halfway through the semester, realized there was no way I was going to understand the material unless it was in a chart. I'm not even that big of a chart person, but weirdly enough, it worked for me and Evidence!

My friend Hilary introduced me to LucidChart, which is an online program where you can make charts! It gives you tons of options and I loved using the program. I don't really need charts this semester, but I have no doubt I'll need this program in the future, whether it's in law school or out in the real world!

Anyway, back to Evidence! Today, I'm uploading ALL my Evidence flow charts in the hope that it will help those of you taking Evidence study and understand the material better. 

A few disclaimers here, because I am (almost) a lawyer: This is absolutely, 100% not legal advice - it's to help people studying law to get a different view of Evidence. Please do not use these to learn Evidence all by yourself - do the readings for class, work hard, and use these to help yourself learn some of the trickier rules. While I think the flow charts are probably 98% right, I'm human and I'm sure there's a mistake in there somewhere, so if you find a mistake, PLEASE let me know and I'll make changes to the charts! :)

I had to upload the pictures in a smaller format, so to make them as big as possible and download them, click on the picture itself and it should take you to the image on it's own page!

Expert & Opinion Testimony Rules

Habit, Compromise, Plea Deals, Etc. Rules

Hearsay Exceptions

Hearsay Rules 

Witness Impeachment Rules

Privilege Rules

Relevancy Rules

Witness Rules

I hope these are helpful to you! Happy studying! :)


  1. These really help to channel your thoughts. Even if they are not used verbatim, they help to guide you to a better understanding of the work. Thank you

    1. Hey Ceeudat! I'm SO happy that these have helped. I used them to study for evidence, and then this summer to study for the bar. Making these charts kind of helped to get my mind around the natural "flow" of the evidence rules. :)

      xo M

  2. Thank you! These are really helpful. What program did you use to make the charts?

    1. Hey Johanna! So glad these were helpful for you! :) I used Lucid Chart. If you're still in school, you can get a free student account, which is what I used. Super useful if you're more of a visual learner, like I am!

      xo M

  3. I am in evidence right now and was completely lost. These charts are going to be a life saver!! Thank you so much! YOU ROCK!!!