Monday, July 31

Life Lately {vol. 62}

I had a helluva workout! I don't usually sweat this much, so it was cracking me up that my back was soaked! // Happy days on the floor of our apartment
My sleepy, perfect boys. Mornings with them are so peaceful // I just can't with this kid.
😂 J took me out for dinner to this new, cheap Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago and I can't wait to go back. It was so affordable and the food couldn't be beat!
Hey gang! This has been quite the few weeks over on my end of the world. I'm finally back in Denver as of yesterday afternoon. As you'll see, I spent the last two weeks in Des Moines, working for my mom's firm while J stayed behind to work and hold down the fort. This is the longest we've been away for each other since being married, and probably even a few months before that - but look, we survived! 😉

Wednesday, July 12


Time and Place: 8:30AM, having just sat down with a coffee, a water, and my computer. I'm in our apartment. I love mornings here because it's always really quiet and peaceful around the complex and it's still cool outside (it's been sweltering lately). I tend to be way more productive in the morning!

I'm finishing up this post around noon - not because I worked on it for 3 1/2 hours, but because Blogger was acting strange and not uploading pictures properly, and my computer was going so slow! Thankfully, everything fixed itself and this post WILL survive. 😉

 I'm leaving in a few days to fly to Iowa for two weeks, but J's staying behind to work, so he'll be surviving off chips and salsa and there's really no point in buying groceries before I leave. But 
we're completely out of vegetables, haha. This is a personal nightmare for me. I'm going to head to Trader Joe's this afternoon to pick up lunch for myself and J, and probably get some pre-made salads for tomorrow too. I'm not huge into salads in general, but there's really nothing like a great salad to make you feel clean, refreshed, and healthy! I had an Ahi Tuna Salad yesterday at a restaurant that was honestly one of the best salads I've ever had, and it's totally inspired me.

I've also been eating ramen a lot lately in order to save money, but it's definitely made me feel super bloated (all that sodium...). J has to keep reminding me that I eat really healthy, and a ramen here or there isn't going to ruin me. Also, for posterity, I crave pizza pretty much every day of my life, so let's not pretend I'm this paragon of healthy eating. 😂

Enjoying: The small moments and a growing community. One of the best parts of my contracting experience has been that I've been forced to leave our apartment and actually meet people. I hung out with a guy I know from work recently, and he said something like, "So, I assume that you want to talk about job stuff?" And naturally, I responded, "Yeah, but also, like, I want friends..." 😂

I do feel like I'm meeting people who I genuinely like, and I could not be more tired of discussing my job prospects. Everyone I talk to says, "You're doing everything right, just keep it up!" so it's exhausting to explain my situation over and over again just to hear the same response. Regardless, I've loved getting to meet so many awesome people! I've gotten involved with some alumni from my college here in Denver, and it's been so nice to feel like I have a tiny family here (beyond my actual tiny family, haha).

Monday, July 10

Obsessions {vol. 2}

I am hoarding Harry Potter tattoo ideas on Pinterest. Don't you dare judge me. 😂

I found this recipe for chocolate mug cake on Pinterest a while back and I've been making it obsessively since! Except that, most of the time, I just eat the batter... 😂

Tuesday, July 4

Cute Work Clothes

I've been really open about my struggle to find clothes that are appropriate for work while still feeling like me. I found a bit of a rhythm over the past few months, but there's always room for improvement!

Some people can go to work every day and not give a hoot about their outfit, but that's just not me - what I wear affects how I feel, so it's important! I want to feel beautiful, well-fitted, comfortable, classy, and always a little fun. So often, workwear is totally boring: bieges, blacks, whites, classic cuts, and nothing that gives you a glimpse into who that person actually is. 

As a lawyer, you can't always wear what you want to wear for the sake of "professionalism," but I do think there's a benefit to dressing like yourself. If you're comfortable, it will show! People - clients, bosses, co-workers, etc. - all have bullshit meters, and if you're not being authentic, it's going to eventually show. When you're wearing something you actually like (and that fits you well), you act more relaxed and authentic, and therefore are more fun to be around. You'll probably do your job better too, because you won't be busy yanking down your skirt or thinking about how you look - you'll be giving off ~* that glow *~ of self-confidence that comes from wearing something that makes you feel like the best version of you!