Wednesday, May 24

5 Ways to Wear Summer Bralettes

When bralettes first started becoming "cool," I was in college and it didn't make sense to me. As a heavier-chested woman, my goal was always to show less: less boob, less bra, less attention to that whole area, honestly. So I started out slow. I was also hampered by the fact that, at that time, most bralettes were bandeaux (I owned this one, or at least something similar to it), which was really my only option that gave me any support.

As the seasons start to heat up, I've definitely found bralettes to be a lifesaver - particularly ones with straps. When it gets hot out, the less I can wear, the better - and if my bra's going to show, it might as well be pretty, right? So here are five different ways to wear bralettes in the summer!

1. With A Tank-Top
This one seems obvious, right? Well, this is something that I felt I couldn't do for a really long time. But then I found this tank top (above) that was really low cut in the front and sides... but I loved it. There was virtually no way to wear it without showing everything, so I had to get over my fears about being a little more on display. While I often just wore a sports bra or similar type of bra with it, there are tons of high-necked or strappy bralettes that would look super cute with a similar tank top: (1) (2) or (3), for example.

Thursday, May 18

Obsessions {vol. 1}

My forever inspiration 💖
Hey friends! I stopped doing "Obsessions" posts last year, but I felt like it was time to bring them back. I got good feedback from people saying that they liked these posts, and hey, I like them too or I wouldn't be doing them! I've got a busy day ahead of me, but let's start out the day with some coffee, productivity, and positivity! Here's what I've been obsessed with lately:

I've been wanting to get back into cross-stitch & needlepoint, so I'm so glad these are becoming "popular" again! I used to sew all the time when I was a kid, but it definitely wasn't "cool" back then. I mostly just need to get supplies - and you can get so many fun patterns on Etsy now!

Monday, May 15

Self Worth

When the topic of self-worth and toxic relationships come up, I think most of us naturally think of romantic relationships. It's hard to forget that overwhelming feeling of "less than" with that partner you once had - of feeling like nothing you ever did was right; like all your confidence just drained out of you; of a relationship that you knew was wrong, but you just couldn't leave.

These kinds of relationships aren't relegated just to the romantic sphere, though: this could be your relationship with your parents, your siblings, your grandma, your boss, your friend, etc. Sometimes, when you're in the midst of this kind of relationship, you just can't see clearly. It takes someone else to step in and say, "Hey, I don't think the way she's treating you is right." 

Wednesday, May 10

Life Lately {vol. 60}

Walking around Wash Park has been one of my favorite pastimes since moving to Denver - it's such a stunning area! // One of my favorite repeated work outfits

I finally got Snapchat again // Waffles from Crema on Larimer street // Absolutely obsessed with Whole Foods' carrot cake!

Another walk around Wash Park // Got a stunning haircut from Layla at Three Cutters - she always makes me feel amazing // When you want to wear your leggings but you also have to look business casual...