Thursday, January 9

Life Lately {vol. 15}

I have had a pretty incredible Christmas break, and I still have a few days left. I got to see my family for most of it, J for all of it, and my mom even visted Iowa City earlier this week! I've had so much down time, so I've gotten a lot of fun reading done and watche a bunch of new movies.

Tomorrow, J and I are going to celebrate my (very early) birthday! We're going to get sushi for lunch, then see "Her" in theaters later in the afternoon. I'm so excited! :)

At the same time, I've had to prepare for leaving and starting my second semester of law school. I bought my books earlier this week, so I'll hopefully have them all delivered by the time I get back to New Hampshire on Sunday. Abby and her husband, Andrew, are going to pick me up at the airport. We've already gotten homework for two classes! Ouch, right?

How has your Christmas/Holiday break been? :)

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