Monday, June 23

Go W/ The Flow

Yesterday, my friends Macy and Lizel and I went to a really cool event called "Go W/ The Flow." It's a yoga event where this guy (Ben) plays music while this girl (Tori) guides us through a yoga sequence. I don't know exactly how long the yoga lasted for, but I would guess about an hour. An hour of strength, shaking, and willpower!

The event was at Jasper Winery and it could not have turned out to be a more beautiful evening. The yoga involved a lot of group touching at the end, which I personally found really moving and intimate! I left feeling so loose and sore and connected and happy. I watched the sun set over the vineyards with my friends while we drank wine. It was a really, really cool night.

One thing that really stuck out to me was Ben's explanation of "go with the flow." He joked that you never see a real jerk and say, "Oh yeah, that guy really goes with the flow!" So true.

Law school can be strange because there are sooo many Type-A people in one building. Sometimes I feel out of place because I'm more relaxed and informal. I don't understand the point of being competitive and mean-spirited, even if it means getting better grades. I'm the kind of person who's going to keep trying to be nice to you, hoping that you'll eventually be nice back. I try to go with the flow. Sometimes I forget (as we all do), but this is going to be my mantra from now on.

In other news, I apologize for Friday's blog post coming down! I found some problems I needed to fix and haven't been able to get around to it yet!

Because... I have a really, really busy week coming up! On Wednesday, I fly out with the attorneys in my office to Boston for the National Employment Lawyer's Association! It's from Wednesday to Saturday, so I'll be a really busy gal for the next few days. I want to get a lot done at work before I leave, and I was out all day at depositions!

Since I'll be gone, I don't plan on posting until at least next Monday! I might find time to squeeze a post in, but I don't plan on it. I plan on spending lots of time with really cool, smart, fun people and enjoying every second of it! :)

Are you doing anything fun this next week? What's your mantra? Can you think of a better combination than wine and yoga?

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