Thursday, June 25

Life Lately {vol. 45}

Now that it's nice out all the time, I thought I should bring out my amazing "Feyonce" crop top!

J and I had dinner at Olive Garden... but that's none of my business... ;)

Two weekends ago, J, me, my girlfriend Erica, and her boyfriend Evan all went to Portsmouth, NH for a beach day!

We're dorks...

I love these wild kids so much. :)

Erica could not be cuter, I swear. :)

The next day, it's safe to say that I was MASSIVELY burned. All down my back and legs. I wore tons of sunscreen, but I think it all washed off when we got in the water. (P.S. I promise I'm wearing shorts in this picture, haha)

I started my 8th book of the year: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

James is a tiny bit needy sometimes, haha!

I've been trying to cut down on food costs while still eating well, and I tried making overnight oats with regular Quaker oats, some almond milk, and Cinnabun protein powder. Well, overnight they got disgusting, but when I tried again in the morning (just letting them sit for 30 minutes or so instead of hours), they turned out perfectly! So delicious, easy, and cheap!

I love coming to work, helping real people, and drinking coffee out of this cat mug. :)

Due to an unfortunate pasta-eating incident, J and I met for lunch at this small taco joint in town. I don't usually take off much time for lunch, but it was so nice to be able to see him during the day! :)

Look at this foxy son of a gun who I get to hang with! :)

This past week or so at work has been absolutely exhausting, but I wouldn't change a thing!

While J was off hiking this weekend, I finally got to satisfy my urge to clean the whole apartment! I also drank my weight in tea, haha.

My male cat is prettier than me.

I was supposed to have my first hearing on Tuesday! Unfortunately, it keeps getting pushed back, but at least I have more time to prepare!

I made this AMAZING salmon the other night from a Pinterest recipe! I'll be sure to share it soon!

My grandparents came up to NH for the weekend, so J and I got to have dinner with them last night! Isn't my grandma a beauty?!

My grandparents are the cutest in the whole world! :)

My bestie Kendra sent me these amazing notebooks in the mail - seriously, she is the best! So sweet and thoughtful! :)

Gosh, this week has been busy, busy, busy! I'm only supposed to be working 7.5 hours a day this summer (well, I'm only getting paid for that amount anyway, haha), but I had to work this weekend and overtime on Friday and Monday. I've worked a little over every other day this week too, but that meant I got to leave a little early yesterday. 

Tomorrow I get to leave work after a mediation at noon, because J and I are spending the whole weekend with my grandparents! I'm so excited to see more of New Hampshire than I've gotten to see so far, which really is the point of my New Hampshire summer! I want to enjoy it while I can! :)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer and taking advantage of the area you're in! At least here, it's been so beautiful that it's been hard to stay inside! :)

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