Thursday, August 4

Welcome Back, Part I

I haven't posted here since January! Can you believe it? I needed a break - I was struggling to find anything to write about, potential employers were a little scared off by the idea, & I had a lot on my plate. It all escalated when I was in my adviser's office, ranting to her about all things I had to do, & posting on my blog sounded more like a burden than something fun I got to do.

It seemed like everything was pointing me to retire the blog, at least for the time being. It's been on private ever since... but I've found myself missing it. I still felt like a blogger, even when I wasn't blogging. Even when summer came around, I didn't have time to post even if I wanted to - I was graduating, being admitted the New Hampshire bar, moving across the country, & taking the Colorado bar exam. A lot's happened since I posted in January, so I thought it'd be a good start to play catch up & let ya'll know what's been happening!

I worked in the most beautiful building // You're going to be seeing about six-seven months worth of cat pictures, so // New Hampshire mountains & sunsets are just spectacular // Work salads are the best salads

What helps Obama unwind? Muhammad (Praise be his name) - AKA, the funniest Cards Against Humanity answer I've ever experienced // Jalapeno-pineapple pizza is an amazing combo // When J worked at Starbucks & wrote lovely things on my drink orders

Me in my natural environment // My choir sang Mozart's Requiem this past semester, & every time I got to sing, "Lacrimosa" was like magic // Our backyard was the prettiest when it snowed // Again, those NH sunsets

J & I saw "The Revenant" in theatres with some friends // Rearranging our playroom was such a hassle, but I loved the result!

Did you know that we are soul-twins? // My sweet cat daddy // That time when my solid wood cutting board broke // J waiting to get through security at the Boston airport

That Denver skyline though - J & I visited Denver in February // My cute date // We visited my friend Erin & hung out with her & her roommates' dogs // Checking out the Museum of Nature & Science

A Jackelope, naturally // I may or may not have bought a Harry Potter coloring book (hint: I did) // Soaking up that Denver sun & drinking copious amounts of coffee // Bloody Mary's at Snooze are the best in the world

Back in Concord, reading for fun while J finished up work one night // Discovered Trader Joe's cookie butter (Oops) // Again, that cat daddy of mine // My Barbri books came in for bar studying this summer

When bae sends you a picture of Takis & wine & says "Come home," & then your heart bursts // Our cats are too cute for words // Fruit makes cookie butter healthy, right? // Cheap champagne makes me the happiest

Nachos from our favorite place in Concord // When I had an afternoon off, I cleaned out the shed & organized our stuff in preparation of the inevitable packing that was to come // I got dolled up for a simulated client interview

Kitty love // I realized how similar these two pictures of me & James were, so I put them side-by-side - how precious is my cat? // On that note, Leif is pretty cute too // I had my last choir concert, which was such an emotional experience

My friend Erica, J, & I visited a local trail which had birds recovering! How gorgeous is this owl? // Afterward, we went to walk around a local cemetery, where I did a classic J pose

After our hiking/owl adventures, it was time for Barrister's Ball with J, Abby, Andrew, Erica, & the rest of my classmates! // When I wore the darkest lipstick to remind people that I was still very punk

Manchester could be really gorgeous when it wanted to // Family snug time! // My last day at work came way too fast - it was a fabulous learning experience & I truly loved the people I worked with // My last day of school - EVER! :O

During this past year, J & I played board games with our friends Courtney & Brady on a regular basis - they totally got us hooked! // I went to a cat show alone, because of course I did. Regretted nothing // At the beginning of May, J & I traveled to South Carolina to hang with my family & watch Chase graduate from college

When you have to study but also have to work out, you read through your notes on the treadmill (walking, of course) // Packing up our kitchen was no mean feat - it took so many boxes to pack all our pots & pans, which makes no sense because I feel like we had basically nothing // Abby, Andrew, & Jay helped us pack up our uBox a week before we were supposed to move! It takes a village...

Me with Jay & Tyler's dog, Ella, my angel // We sold a bunch of our things in preparation for the move, an the box springs were the last thing to go - but not before James learned how to climb a "tree," haha // Leif is a really, really furry guy // One my classmates organized a day of games & fun at a local tiny amusement park

I was voted "Looks Least Like a Lawyer" by my classmates! // When your peer has the cutest dog in the world // James & Leif caught a mouse, by which I mean, James caught it the first time, & then Leif spent the next 5 minutes catching it, releasing it, & then walking around with the mouse in his mouth. It was BIZARRE // My family came in for my graduation & swearing in!

I was sworn into the New Hampshire Bar, then graduated from law school the next day!

The day after graduation, J & I finished packing up our cars (& cats!) & drove for ~19 hours to get to South Bend, Indiana // We made it to Iowa City the next day // Oyama sushi was a NECESSITY after all that driving

I will never forget pizza dog // I started studying for the bar exam // J & I hung out with my friend Liz & her fiance, Austin // J & Leif, sleeping side by side - too precious!

When you go to your college hangout spot, you take a picture of it // I had my bridal shower with a bunch of my friends & family // I met my friend Lauren for coffee the next day // After 6 days in Iowa, J, his mom, & I began the drive to Denver! // Right before we got to Denver that evening, it started to storm. It was terrifying watching it roll in!

Trust me when I say, I've missed this. I've missed you all reading & commenting, & I can't wait to give you guys the updates on Denver & our new apartment (& life). So much has happened!

As always, thanks for reading & especially for caring.


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