Saturday, May 4

Retro Style

This is a pretty normal look for me.

Sweater: Forever 21
Earings: Forever 21

I haven't done an outfit post in a while - I just got these shoes and pants in the mail yesterday and couldn't WAIT to try them on!

I've never owned a pair of high-waisted pants before (since childhood, at least), but I recently realized how badly I wanted to. I texted J's sister, begging for help, and she was sweet enough to suggest this pair from Urban Outfitters. I loved them instantly! I figured if I was paying shipping, I might as well have a look around the site to see if there was anything else I wanted. That's about when I saw these shoes.

If you've seen any outfit post I've done on here, you know I have a thing for coral. I have so many coral clothes, so I knew when I saw a $19.99 pair of coral oxfords in my size that I HAD to have them!!

I really, really liked my outfit today; it was comfortable, sweet, (I think) flattering, but still spunky and fun! I feel like I'm Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD, WHAAAT.

Today has been such a fabulous day, even if it's been raining all day. J and I relaxed all morning until we went to the theater to see, "The Place Beyond The Pines." It was such an amazing movie - very complex and not at all what it looked like from trailers. It was actually way better than I expected! After the movie, we headed out to Coral Ridge Mall, and then out to dinner for sushi. We just got home and are about to watch "Silver Linings Playbook" with J's mom.

Do you seem to have a go-to color that you find yourself wearing a lot? What do you like or not like about my outfit? What did you do today?


  1. I don't really have a go to color, honestly, I can't decide which colors I like best! Also, I like this outfit - It's so casual, comfortable and chic with a hint of retro. As you know, I love your sweater, because well, cats. Also, high waisted pants are something I've been wanted to get into, but I feel like they make my body look shorter :( and lastly, those oxfords are cute! I like the coral color and the contrast!

    1. I am ridiculously flattered that you like this; you have the coolest style! Cats ARE the best, I will never have enough cat things (or cats, haha). I can see what you mean about high-waisted pants. I actually thought they'd be more flattering on me than they are, but I still really love them. Thanks about the oxfords! They make me feel so fancy, haha. I don't know how someone couldn't feel fancy in oxfords. :)

      xo Madie