Thursday, June 27

Apartment Wishlist

As for Concord moving plans, it's been established that my dad and I are going to move me up. J will either drive my car up or fly up once he's finished with his summer class. And that's about the only thing that's been established, haha.

We were planning on taking a UHaul, but it turns out it'll be suuuper expensive to rent and drive all the way there. My dad and I are discussing leaving all of my furniture here in Iowa; my mom's renting an apartment in Des Moines starting in July, so she might be able to take it (side note: no problems in my family, she just works in Des Moines part of the month and wants a place to stay).

Basically, it'd be cheaper to buy me all new stuff once we get there than it'd be to move all my stuff up in a UHaul. Obviously I'd still be bringing my clothes and small furniture and everything I've had boxed up - I would just need to buy a new desk, mattress (I'm going to put it on the floor and I am WAY too excited about that), bookshelves & some kind of dresser.

I know that my friend Hannah bought all new stuff off of Craigslist when she moved down to Atlanta, but I'm not sure what my other friends did when they moved. I'm probably just going to head to the local Target and get what I need. I'll still be using my "Iowa" furniture in the future - we're just not sure when - so this stuff will be temporary. 

Ultimately, I need a space that's functional. I need a space where I can do loads of writing, reading and researching (because, hey, I'll be in law school) while still being fun and comfortable!

If you couldn't tell, I'm really excited about this. I've tried to not buy anything for the apartment until I move in because I have no idea how much space I really have. I don't want to move in and realize I have to get rid of half my things! I also want to be frugal and not spend more than I have to. It's definitely going to be an adventure. :)

How did you transport your things cross-country? What's the easiest way to get new furniture? What are fun ways to personalize your space?
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  1. Oh my goodness! Starting right now I'm keeping an eye out for you @ yardsales!

    1. Haha I was hoping you would see this! We're definitely buying a mattress in town, but I'm super open to yard sale shopping for everything else! :) Depending on how much room we have in the car, we probably won't be bringing my little kitchen table and chairs. If you and Adam want to get one, you totally should - I could help pay for it when I get there, but my parents are keeping a large one for me and Jake when we get a big apartment. :) Sooo I don't need one for the future, but if you guys do, then we should get you one!

      xo Madie