Monday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!

Happy (Late) Father's Day to all the dads out there! As Barack Obama said, 
"Any fool can have a child. That doesn't make you a father. It's the courage to raise a child that makes you a father."
Damn straight. 

My dad is easily one of the most important people in my life. He's always so selfless and takes care of other people. He was able to get a job working from home when Chase were younger, and it was pretty great to have a parent around after school. It was also great because he did the laundry a lot, so we always had clean clothes, haha.

Without a doubt, my family is the most fun family I know (sorry I'm NOT sorry), and my dad is a huge part of that. While he likes order and is a stickler for being on time to things, he is also super fun and never ceases to make us laugh!

My dad taught me to stick up for myself and that I should be with someone who appreciates me. In the midst of a crappy high school relationship, he was the first person to really stand up and say, "M, this isn't right." It's not that other people didn't say things like that, but this was the first time it stuck out to me. I know that my dad will tell me the truth about what he sees. He is also the best buffer in the world when my mom and I fight, haha.

He and my mom have taught me more about marriage than I ever could have learned from theology, books, or blogs. They showed me that marriage takes work - it's not just this easy, flawless thing that shouldn't be hard work. They've been through so much together, and while I know it's never easy to stay married to another flawed person for a long time, they've been such an inspiration about working for something you believe is right. I'm so thankful they've stayed together. :)

My Grandpa Jim & Grandpa Chuck have also been a huge part of my life! Grandpa Jim taught me so much about patience, respect, and sticking up for what you think is right. He and Grandma Dar got me hooked on being out in nature. I can't walk through the woods anymore without thinking about Grandpa Jim quizzing me about which tree was which (I failed, often). 

Grandpa Chuck is one of the nicest, most kind-hearted people I've ever met! He's somehow always happy and laughing, which is a trick I would love to learn, haha. He taught me not to take life so seriously - there's always something to laugh about in any situation. It's also hilarious, because I had no idea how much alcohol was served at holidays until about last year. We're German, okay? I haven't gotten to see Grandpa Chuck for a while, which hurts my heart. Hopefully I'll get to see him soon.

I'm so thankful to have such great male role models in my life. I know most people aren't as lucky as I am, but I appreciate who I have in my life so much. My heart goes out to everyone whose father wasn't around or couldn't be around - and to all the single moms who have rocked the whole child-rearing thing, because they're clearly superheroes!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. So cute! You look just like your dad in some of those pictures. It's in the smile (:

    1. Haha do you think so?! Most people say I look just like my mom, but there is a strong minority who think I'm the spitting image of my dad. I'm sure I'm a good mix of both of them, but I love finding out who sees which parent, haha! :)

      xo Madie

    2. Oh, I definitely see your resemblance to your mom—I almost mistook her for you a few times in those photos! But there are hints of your dad in there too, for sure.

      I hear different things from people as well, especially now. As a kid I was always a clone of my dad; I didn't even look related to my mom or brother. But now people say I look just like her, and I've been asked on several occasions if my brother and I are twins. So strange, haha.

    3. Haha no way! Are you and your brother close in age? :P

      xo Madie