Saturday, February 15

Life Lately {vol. 17}

I went to Target for fun a few weeks ago to use the gift cards my family got me for my birthday! P.S. Totally got that blue sports bra & I am obssessed with it - it's so comfy and was on sale for $6!

More plunder from that Target trip. I wasn't sure if I loved them enough to spend $34, but the only days I haven't worn them have been the days I had to trudge through snow or was wearing sweatpants. LOVE them!

That same day, my law school friend, Daina, had her going away party at Morimoto! She moved back to New York. :(

Abby and me cheesin'. :) She keeps me sane in law school, I don't know what I'd do without her!

I finally bought curtains for my room! They're sheer and white and so lovely.

My bangs were getting too long, so I decided to go to town with my own scissors instead of paying for a haircut. I don't think I did a terrible job, all things considered, haha!

I drove Abby to Manchester for an interview she had with a Congresswoman. The interview went well, and we got sushi afterwards!

I get homesick every once in a while, which is understandable, but my school is so gorgeous. I live in a beautiful place.

My parents got me this dress for my birthday and I love it! Plus? It's warm!

This is how I write 99% of papers in law school. I have yet to learn if there is any less chaotic way, but according to Facebook comments, there is not. Welcome to being a lawyer, haha.

My cat is so handsome I can't even.
I had a $1 off soup and free birthday desert at Panera, so I got this adorable red velvet cupcake! It was so rich and silky!

This is one of my favorite outfits I've ever worn! Also, I've been kind of obsessively wearing my hair in buns lately. I guess when you grow your hair out exclusively because you miss wearing buns, it's understandable. :P

I'll admit, I drank a little Friday night, and I left my car downtown overnight. So, Saturday morning, I walked downdown, got my car, and grabbed some green juice (my new obsession!) from Live Juice! Yum!

I'm not huge into yogurt, but I've been slowly trying these Chobani Flips and I am a tiny bit obssessed. I tried the coconut with toasted almonds & dark chocolate chips last time. I don't like coconut (but I love coconut flavor), so I was nervous about this one, but it was 100% delicious! I wish I had ten more!

I've been making homemade tom yum soup a lot lately, and it's now one of my favorite meals ever. So many veggies, so much flavor! So much ginger!

My parents and grandparents sent me Valentine's Day presents this week! (But you'll have to wait until later for that post, hehe!)
It's been hard to find anything to post about lately! I've been so busy with school, though we were lucky enough to get two snow days this last week. It was really nice to have the extra time to do homwork. I kind of wish we always had an extra day in the middle of the week, haha.

Have you ever seen "The Borgias?" How wonderful is Target? What have you been up to lately?

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