Saturday, April 12

Life Lately {vol. 19}

Even the harder days at law school are worth it when I come home. I love my little room. :)
So far, the best part of living in New England is all the seafood, including New England Clam Chowder at school!

Look at this perfect little guy! :)

I re-colored my hair last week and LOOOVE how it turned out!

I try to go quite a while before getting more groceries, but that leads to lugging big ol' bags upstairs, haha.
Last Saturday was the Barrister's Ball (aka law school prom), so I got all dolled up! :D

Abby and I before Barrister's Ball! I went with her and her husband, Andrew, since J is still in Iowa.

Aren't they a cute couple?! :)

A bunch of the 1L ladies at the hotel before the Barrister's Ball!

James is my kitty soulmate.

Law school has been pretty great these past few weeks, not gonna lie! The hardest part has been that a lot of motivation for homework is gone. Trust me, I'm still trucking through it and taking notes, but it's been a lot harder to get started this time of year! Especially because it's started being sooo beautiful out. It makes me want to go for walks, or at least open my windows and lay in bed all day, haha.

How have these past few weeks been for you? Have you been experiencing a lack of motivation? How do you get over that motivation hump?

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