Friday, May 2

Life Lately {vol. 20}

I gave blood for the first time a few weeks ago! I almost fainted a few times, but I survived. ;)

 Completely obsessed with my homemade Tom Yum soup recipe! 

Since I'm moving back to Iowa for the summer, I decided to switch up my winter & spring/summer clothes. This is literally 90% of the clothes I own, haha.

My friend Ally had a Beer Olympics-themed party a few weeks ago, and my friend Brendan & I went as Scotland. I hear we won. No big deal or anything. Don't mess with Scotland!

I've been using my food processor to make the most delicious green smoothies!

My mom came visit me in New Hampshire for the first two weeks ago! She wanted a shot of me with the UNH Law sign, and it turned out pretty great. :)

Isn't my mom gorgeous?!
I think busts of famous dead people are SO cool. Photographs are obviously great, but it's not 3D. Looking at busts of Thomas Jefferson & George Washington was kind of magical, like being face-to-face with a huge part of American history.

I had an immediately connection to this girl. The caption said she was pretending she was a mom & the cat was her baby, but I feel pretty confident that girl just really loves her cat.

Mom and I had tea at the cafe in the Museum. Super over-priced, but the tea was delicious.

Snapchats from J are always precious, but this Easer one with him and Leif completely melted my heart!

Last Monday I got the chance to argue a summary judgment argument in front of a mock-judge, which went really well! Afterwards, I went over to my friend Jay's place to watch "Game of Thrones," and Tyler made us - get this - celery margaritas! AND THEY WERE SPECTACULAR.

On Thursday, I gave the same summary judgment argument to audition for Moot Court! It said "courtroom attire," so naturally I wore a fox scarf as a tie. Say what you will, but I felt like a badass all day. What does it say about femininity in the law when a "tie" makes me feel strong? Maybe it was just that it was a risque move...

Last Friday was my last day of 1L classes! :O I rewarded myself by going to Starbucks.

This week, after studying all day in the library, I relaxed by watching American Horror Story and eating healthy tortellini soup. :)

One of the great things about having "long" hair is being able to do kinda weird stuff with it. I pinned it to one side this week and loved how it looked!

James has been super snuggly all week!

I should have been born in the '80s. Crop top, high-waisted purple velvet pants, an oversized demin shirt, and super puffy hair. Yeah.
Yesterday a group of us went to Live Juice for lunch and wheat grass shots, and to take a study break!
If you all didn't know, I'm in the midst of finals right now, which is the #1 reason I haven't been posting very regularly! I just had my Property final this morning and I think it went well! :) I guess we'll see when I get my grades back, haha. I still have my Sales final on Tuesday and my Constitutional Law final on Friday, so lots of studying left to go!

And then after my finals, I start driving back to Iowa on Saturday! How is summer this close already?!

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