Thursday, July 31

Des Moines Recap

At the beginning of this summer, I wrote a post about 15 Things I Can't Wait to Do in Des Moines! Let's see how I've done so far...

  • See my mom more often -- We'll be sharing an apartment when she's in town, so I'll get to see her at least a week a month, maybe more!
CHECK! I've spent about half the summer sharing the same bed as my mom and the other half working for her. I know we missed each other over this last year, but we've seen plenty of each other over the summer!

  • See J & Leif more often -- This is a given, haha.
CHECK! I've spent as much time with J and my kitties as I could, given that J's visited me several times in Des Moines and therefore I couldn't see the kitties on those weekends. I went over a month without seeing the cats, which was awful. But luckily, I've gotten to see J almost every week this summer!

  • See my friends in the Des Moines area -- I have so many friends still in the area, and hopefully I'll be able to visit with them all at least once before I move back in the fall!
CHECK! Not only have I seen most of my high school friends this summer, but I've also gotten to see a bunch of my college friends - and even made a few new friends!

  • Work at the best law firm in Iowa everrr: Fiedler & Timmer, PLLC! Full of smart, strong, ambitious people who I love and respect, fighting the good fight!
CHECK! Psh, this was an easy one! :)

  • A Dong's -- Easily the best Vietnamese in the state, and I'll be live about 2 minutes away. Dangerous...
CHECK! I think I've eaten at A Dong's more than any other restaurant in Des Moines, and I have no regrets abut that. I also discovered I love green tea bubble tea, so that was a huge win for me!

  • Fong's Pizza -- All day, every day.
CHECK! Well, I've been there once so far. Maybe I'll have to go another time this summer?

  • Visit the Blank Park Zoo -- Assuming I have time, this would be SUCH a great summer activity!
I haven't done this yet, but I'm hoping I'll be able to go this week! Who wants to go with me?!

  • Go to Zombie Burger for the first time -- Yeah, I've lived in the area for years since it opened and never eaten there. We're gonna fix that this summer.
CHECK! J and I have been to Zombie Burger twice, and both times have been interesting. The first burger I got wasn't my favorite, but I think I just made a poor menu choice. The second time I went, it was a total knockout win!

  • Walk around the East Village & try not to spend all my money - especially at Hill Vintage and Raygun. Eeek!
CHECK! Well, I haven't actually been shopping in the East Village... so maybe that makes it even more of a win? I'd still like to go to Hill Vintage before I leave!

  • Visit the Art Center -- I haven't been there in years, and there's nothing like art to put your life in perspective.
I haven't been here yet either! Anyone want to spend an evening or weekend day at the Art Center with me? :)

  • Sakari Sushi Lounge -- I love this place in Des Moines! You can always count on girls in tight, leopard print dresses for people-watching and cheap, delicious sushi.
Well, I haven't actually been here either... but given how many times J and I have been to Oyama sushi in Iowa City, I think I can mark Sakari off the list, at least in spirit!

  • The Des Moines Farmer's Market -- I'm going to be living for half the summer about a block from Court Ave, so this is my #1 priority every Saturday. You haven't seen a farmer's market until you've seen the one in Des Moines. Plus, Saloo's Indian makes the best vegetable cutlets in the world. Proven fact.
CHECK! Oh boy, have I checked this off the list! I've gone at least three times and loved every minute of it, no matter how hot it was outside!

  • The Royal Mile & The Hessen Haus -- Strongbow on tap & themed bars. Yep.
CHECK! I've been to the Hessan Haus several times, and I have plans to go to the Royal Mile this weekend! :)

  • Van Dee's Ice Cream -- I grew up on this ice cream, and I've definitely been in withdrawal!
CHECK! I've been to Van Dee's twice this summer and I'm more than happy to go back! Anyone feel like more ice cream?!

  • Start training -- I told J he should train for a half marathon, which turned into him refusing unless I did it too. So I'm going to start running seriously again this summer. Given that I haven't run further than 5 miles in one time, this is going to be an interesting summer, haha.
CHECK! Well, I didn't really run, but I have been going to Power Life Yoga pretty consistantly! I've been going at least twice a week for a few weeks now, and doing yoga in my apartment in my spare time. I feel really good and healthy, even if I've been eating out more than I should!


So, what do I still need to do? Visit the Blank Park Zoo and the Art Center! 

Besides those things from my list, I still want to go to the Zoo Brew (which, technically, would check that AND visiting the Blank Park Zoo off my list) check out Tacopocolypse, and go to Adventureland! I'm already trying to make plans to go to Adventureland next week and maybe go to the Zoo Brew after, so that's a start! Honestly, those five little things sound really do-able in the next two weeks, right?

Who volunteers to go with me? :)

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