Tuesday, August 26

First Day of School!

Hey all! Yesterday was my first day of my 2L year of law school, and boy was it a long, fun day!

I knew I had a busy schedule this year, because... well... I was the one who signed up for classes, haha. In reality, my schedule doesn't look too bad, but a couple of the classes I'm taking this semester are really time-intensive.

On Mondays, I have three classes: an hour and a half of Wills, Trusts, & Estates and Evidence, and then three hours of Personal Income Tax in the evening. Tax is not my strong suit so far... It's going to take me a lot of time and effort to understand this stuff, but I guess that's life! Thankfully, Tax is only on Mondays, so my Wednesdays are a little less hectic.

Today, I just have two hours of Pretrial Advocacy since my Professional Responsibility class was cancelled! Pretrial Ad's going to be a ton of fun (and even more work, haha).

Even better: I have Friday's off! Which in reality, means I'll be doing homework all day. THE GLAMOROUS LIFE OF A LAW STUDENT.

I'm so legitimately happy to be at UNH Law studing the law again this year. Obviously I miss J (and I wish the weather would cool down), but it's sooo nice to see my law school friends again! I've been hugging so many people! :)

Did you start up school again? Is your schedule killer this semester? What's your favorite class so far?

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