Wednesday, November 5

Life Lately {vol. 33}

I had my first Scorpion Bowl last week after class! It was delicious and sooo easy to drink. Yum! Even better, I drank it with friends. :)

I went to my first bridal show a few weeks ago! I was really excited to go, but it was really overwhelming. I'll probably post about it on Friday.

#iwokeuplikethis. But seriously, welcome to my life, haha.

I went through a bunch of my old things and found this super cute picture of me and my big when I was a freshman in college! :)

I also found this clipping of me and one of my high school besties when we were juniors in high school! I remember this vividly. Will memories always feel like they happened yesterday?!

I had a great time relaxing a few weekends ago! I really needed that time to decompress!

James has been super snugly lately! It's one of my favorite parts of the weather getting colder - James wants to snuggle more!

Erica and I went shopping for my Daenerys costume and found this TERRIFYING fox mask!

Such a snuggle bug! I started a hashtag on Instagram for this kind of situation - #jamesinshirts, because he absolutely LOVES this. He snuggles right in to my zip-up sweatshirts and sleeps there for about 20 minutes at a time. I love it because he's warm, snugly, and I can do homework!

I loved doing my makeup for the Daenerys costume! Eyebrows for days!

My friend Christina and her boyfriend Josh had the MOST hilarious costume on Saturday! Get it?!

I absolutely love my room. I've started using my heated blanket in the evenings and it feels so good! It really makes my room feel homey!

And look at this view! *heart eyes*

I've been stuck inside lately during the day while I do my regular homework and work on my Opposition to Summary Judgment motion for my Pretrial Advocacy class... but I'm so grateful for beautiful days and my passion for the law. :)

I voted for the first time yesterday... in New Hampshire! Registering was super easy and I was so proud to vote in my new state!

Leif and I were not pleased with some of the election results last night... and we don't want to talk about it. It was a late night and I maybe cried.

As usual, it's been a busy few weeks. But I've been generally very happy and worked really hard. Since my OMSJ is due in a week and a half, I'll be swamped with that until it's turned in. It's going to be a long week and a half!

I didn't sleep well last night because of the election. I was up until 1AM EST waiting for the results from Iowa, and even after I went to bed, I didn't sleep well. Bleh. I'm trying really hard not to be cranky today, and I have a hot coffee in hand. I will get through today... but I can't promise I won't snap at anyone today. Someone might need a nap...

I hope your week was fabulous!


  1. Beautiful post. Loved all your pictures throughout the update.
    -mystery anon :)