Wednesday, October 22

Life Lately {vol. 32}

I got this fabulous fringed cardigan at H&M last week and I'm SO glad I did! It makes me feel dressed up even wearing jeans and a tank. :)

James is by far the sweetest and the naughtiest cat I've ever met. Maybe it's cause he's a manx? They're supposed to be especially rambuncious cats...

Since joining The Knot, I've had four different venues in New Hampshire send me mail, congratulating me and asking me to consider them. I did not realize this was a thing, but maybe it's just because New Hampshire's small?

Two Thursdays ago, I had quite the evening with friends... and Friday, I got up early for a meeting with an attorney at this cute breakfast place in Concord!

There was a mix-up and we never got to have our meeting, but that breakfast was exactly the carb-fest that I needed after the night before, haha.

This little guy though. :)

I'm reviewing Mary Kay's Clear Proof Acne system!

Even with a super busy week last week, everything's better in a bunny sweater!

Erica knew I was having a stressful week, so she got me flowers! She is such an amazing friend, and I'm so grateful to have her here at law school with me. 

Also, shapes Mac 'N Cheese makes everything too, right?

Leif is just such a sweetheart. He sleeps on the pillow above my head every single night. I love going to sleep listening to him purr/snore. :)

Sometimes the simplest makeup the the best makeup. :)

I finally went on a walk in White Park across from school with my friend Stephanie. I live in a beautiful place. :)

Both my cats are OBSESSED with my roommate's bed! We can't figure out why, but it's super cute regardless. :)

I had a Tax midterm on Monday night, so I spent Sunday morning at Starbucks. Is studying Tax at Starbucks the most or the least hipster thing ever? My mom says it's the least, but maybe it's so uncool that it's cool?

Erica's flowers really bloomed this week and they're SO beautiful! I'm really bad at keeping plants alive, but they really brighten up the whole kitchen!

I feel like I haven't taken any pictures this week because nothing "new" has gone on... I've mostly spend the past two weeks studying and preparing for depositions in my class simulation for the Daniel Webster Scholar program. I actually went through my depo for "real" yesterday and it went really well! It was such a relief to get out of class yesterday and have both the Tax midterm and my depo done.

I still have normal amounts of law school homework, but at least I don't have anything big to do for the rest of the week! :)

I hope you had a good week too - although I really hope you didn't have to take a Tax midterm.

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