Wednesday, March 4

Life Lately {vol. 40}

Last Friday, I spent the morning cleaning and taking care of my kitty babies, then headed to the Manchester airport to fly to Hilton Head for winter break!

Gideon's Trumpet was my go-to read for the trip (and now checked off my 12x12 list)!

I don't have the words to say how good it felt to be home and with my family again.

My dad and I teamed up on dinners all week, and this caprese chicken recipe was AMAZING!

Dad and I went to an Asian buffet one day for lunch!

No one here is surprised that a cat found me (or I found a cat???) on vacation.

Dad and I celebrating National Margarita Day! :)

Mom, Dad and I travelled four hours northwest to meet my little brother, Chase, at his college!

I missed Chase desperately!!

We all went out for lunch the minute we got there, and Chase took us to this really cool burger place! I don't eat red meat often, but this burger was FANTASTIC!

Mom and Dad's neighbor brought over some flowers!

I made caprese for Mom and Dad one night!

I'm actually not a huge fan of breakfast parfaits, but coconut Greek yogurt with berries and granola was such a great way to start the day!

Kichon was such a sweetheart all week, but she always is. :)

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

I started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets near the end of my trip!

On Friday, Mom, Dad and I headed to Savannah for the afternoon!

We found this little chocolate shop where I tried a chocolate salted margarita??? It was beyond delicious!

We mostly just walked around the city, but we stopped by the Paris Market!

How much do I need this googley-eyed bobcat??

For dinner that night, the three of us headed to my favorite Italian restaurant on the island!

The next morning (the day I flew back to NH), we met my grandparents for breakfast!

Saturday night, I got stuck in Philly due to my crew not showing up... I was so upset, but the airline got me a hotel for the night and I ordered a pizza, so it could have been worse.

This was the line for security the next morning. I've never seen anything like it!

I love this little bit from Harry Potter so much!

Needless to say, the cats were very glad to have me back! James has barely left my side!

I'm also really happy to be back at the gym! I'd missed weight lifting while I was on vacation!

... But I'll be honest, it's been hard to get up so early again. I couldn't make it this morning because I was SO tired!

These are going to be a busy next few weeks in Concord! I mean, I have regular schoolwork to keep up with, J's coming up for a week in 10 days, and then in April, my mom and Grandma are coming up for a long weekend! I don't know how I'm going to get everything done, but I suppose I'll find time. :) I'm really lucky that I get to see so much of my loved ones this year!

I hope everyone's break was (or will be) good! Heaven knows I needed the sleep! :)

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