Monday, March 30

12x12: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
by J.K. Rowling

Historically, this has been my least favorite Harry Potter book. I love the first one because you kind of remember entering this world for the first time every time you read it; the third one because it becomes a lot darker and you learn so much more about Harry's parents; the fourth one because it introduces different wizarding cultures; the fifth one because you learn about the Order of the Phoenix and more wizarding history; the sixth one because SNAPE OBVIOUSLY; and the seventh one because it ties everything up in this beautiful, sad, cathartic package. The second one has always left me wanting... until this time. I love re-reading books over and over again because I always discover something new, and this time was no different. I found tidbits in here that made me fall in love with The Chamber of Secrets, basically for the first time!

What I Loved:

  • If you don't love the scene where Ron and his brothers rescue Harry from the Dursley's house, you have no soul. It fills me with happiness every time!
  • Dumbledore knowing EXACTLY who had opened the Chamber of Secrets, and me finally understanding why and how.
  • Harry feeling attached and drawn to Tom Riddle's diary, like he was with an old friend... Well dude, it kind of was an old friend...
  • Realizing Snape was the first person in the series to use "Expelliarmus," meaning Harry learned his favorite disarming spell from Snape. *heart eyes*
  • As I said for my "review" of The Sorcerer's Stone, reading the Harry Potter books makes me feel like I'm going home. It's a familiar place where, no matter where I am in real life, I can feel safe and child-like and I don't have to pretend to be someone that I'm not - tougher, stronger, cooler, etc. I started reading these books when I was 11, so I feel like I can go back and just be my childhood self without fear of being too vulnerable for the real world. That feeling is priceless.

What I Wasn't Crazy About:
  • It's definitely the shortest book of the series, and I think that maybe adds to why it's historically not been my favorite. There's not a lot that goes down - mostly it's everyone being super scared of Harry and the monster, with a few embarrassing Lockhart moments thrown in and a bit about Hagrid.
  • Also, I have a fear of spiders, so I'm not a huge fan of how present spiders are in the book. But that's not J.K. Rowling's problem.

Would I Recommend This Book?
  • NATURALLY. After re-reading it again, this book probably has the most connection to the 6th and 7th books than any other book in the series. There's so much that ties Harry in to being a horcrux, and it's hard to spot it unless you're really looking!
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." *HEART EYES*

Which is your favorite Harry Potter book? Your least favorite?


  1. (I know this makes me the worst reader in eternity but) I've never liked the Harry Potter series. Your post was very interesting to read, though! 'Realizing Snape was the first person in the series to use "Expelliarmus," meaning Harry learned his favorite disarming spell from Snape. *heart eyes*' I laughed so loudly at this part... and I'm scared of spiders, too.

    xo Yasmine//Chasing Cloudy Dreams

    1. Hahaha that's fine that you never got into it! I was a suuuper imaginative kid, so it appealed to everything I'd ever wished for. :)

      xo Madie