Wednesday, December 14

2016 Holiday Card - Paperless Post

This holiday season, J and I weren't sure if we were going to do a card. We've actually never done a holiday card before, but since it's our first Christmas married, it seemed like we should mark it with some kind of significance. And it seemed very adult, you know?

We decided to do our cards through Paperless Post because my friend Hannah had made invites through them for my bachelorette party. The invites were cute, entirely online, and seemed easy to make, so when it came time to look at holiday card options, it was the first (and only) option we explored. As you can see above, making the card was a snap - we chose a format we liked, J picked out a picture, and we figured out what we wanted to say. There are different options that cost different amounts of money - for example, if you want your card to come with a virtual envelope, it costs 1 coin per card you send. If you want a fancier card, that's another coin. When you create an account, you automatically get 25 coins, so it wasn't a huge deal to us either way. We just didn't know how many cards we wanted to send, and we didn't want to spend money, so we ended up going with a totally free option!

The issue was... 2016 has kind of been terrible. I didn't want to make some cheesy card, acting like 2016 was such a great year. 2016 was depressing. When we were talking about what to write on the card, we originally were going to do something simple, like, "Happy Holidays." Then J started joking that we should put something like, "2016 was terrible." I took it and ran with it. 😂

Our first draft just said, "2016 Was Shit Except For This." Later, I changed it to include some notable things that happened this year. Even if really bad things happened this year, a lot of really good ones did too: I graduated from law school, I passed the Colorado Bar Exam, J got a job that he loves (speaking of which, so did I), we moved to a new city, we got married... Some big, good stuff! It felt ungrateful not to include them, so we tried to make light of it.

The hardest part (besides deciding the actual text) was putting together the emails of my friends and family we wanted to send the cards to! Thankfully, due to our wedding being so near in time, we still had a lot of information to work off of. In the end, I think we sent 36 cards out, and it couldn't have been easier.

What's even cooler than our cards is the fact that Paperless Post has recently partnered with (RED) in support of the fight against AIDS this holiday season. With every printed and online item purchased from the (RED) collection, they're donating to (RED)'s campaign. I had no idea about this until Paperless Post contacted me and asked if I would help get the word out, which of course I was happy to do. The cards they're offering through (RED) are super cute (check out a couple of them below!), and I love that they give you the option to make a difference this holiday season, especially when the world seems so dark. If you haven't sent out holiday cards yet, there's still time - we created ours and sent it out within a few hours! For full disclosure, our card isn't one by (RED).

I was really happy to help spread the word, about such a great charity and I was especially happy to have our Christmas cards finished and sent out, haha. I'm terrible with writing thank you cards (still working on them from our wedding - eek), and I can't tell you how easy Paperless Post makes it.


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