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My Latest Stitch Fix {vol. 6}

Hey friends! Since I've been tidying up my apartment, I've been really thinking about what clothes I own, why I own them, and if I even like them. Weird concept, right? It sounds so obvious, and even though I clean out my closet twice a year, I do find myself holding on to clothes that don't fit, or aren't my style anymore, or that I'm just not excited about wearing.

When I was in high school, I was going through a really tough time and ended up losing a ton of weight. Like, 40 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I even had one pair of pants in a size 6. I assumed that my body was just losing my "baby pudge" and that was what my body was naturally supposed to look like - so I threw out all my old clothes.I continued to lose weight until I got to college, where I was - dare I say it? - happy. And I started gaining weight like crazy. I didn't mind, because I felt like it was me regaining control over my body; reasserting my ownership.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson about throwing out clothes in varying sizes. In college, as I continued to gain the weight back, I found myself needing to buy all new clothes. It was an expensive error. Although the book I've been reading about tidying up suggests throwing out everything that doesn't fit, I always keep one or two around, just in case.

Anyway, I've been taking the rest of her advise to heart about my clothes and only keeping things that bring me joy. So, after I cleaned out my closet, I looked at what I had and tried to figure out what things I was missing. What did I need in my wardrobe right now?

When I signed up for this latest Fix, I specifically requested work clothes (like I do every time now) that were comfy and easy to layer. I wanted more neutrals. I have all these great pants from Stitch Fix (see the above link) that I love, but since they already have patterns on them, I needed more simplistic pieces that I could wear with them. Since my office usually does business casual attire, I wanted clothes that I could be comfortable in, but also look professional around my colleagues. While I would probably describe my personal style as boho-chic (or even grunge - live with a punk guy long enough and his clothes start to become your clothes, haha), my work style can't really be that - so when I request clothes from Stitch Fix, I tend to explain my style as more vintage-eclectic.

Anyway, let's get to the clothes!

My stylist, Jenna, explained that she picked these clothes for me because they were jewel tones, loose tops, and included a lot of polka dots (which I love but have basically none in my closet). She purposely close things with different patterns and textures.

Collective Concepts Sayer Ruffle Detail Blouse // $64.00

When I pulled this out of the box, my first thought was, "What is this?" My second thought was, "That neckline reminds me of something." My third thought was, "Oh my god, this shirt would have been perfect for me in middle school, when I was still going to renaissance fairs." (I would still totally go to a renaissance fair.)

All joking aside, I used to be super into Victorian-inspired clothing in middle school and high school, so this neckline brought me back in the best way. I liked the blouse. It was comfy, flowy, and was lose, all per my requests. The color was pretty. It looked nice on me and it was the kind of thing I had requested. There's nothing wrong with this shirt... I just wasn't feeling it. When I tried it on for J yesterday, he had the same reaction (something along the lines of, "That's nice...").

Per my new rule of wanting my clothes to bring me joy, this did not. It did bring back some great memories of renaissance fairs though. And this sweet picture from when I was thirteen:

Verdict? Returned

 Le Lis Nora Knit Skirt // $58.00

I wasn't totally sold on this when I took it out of the bag. It was super soft (definitely a point in its favor), wasn't sure about the pattern, and I had a feeling that the cut wouldn't be flattering on me. I was right.

I could actually see this pattern being super cute at work with a black t-shirt or blouse, even though it's definitely not a pattern I would have picked out for myself. The thing that kills this skirt for me is the tight elastic up at the top. A version of this skirt style was super popular in like, 2011, and I couldn't wear those either. That elastic top hits me in the worst place and it's just not flattering. There's no way my stylist could have known that, so I'm not blaming her in any way - but I knew this wasn't for me.

Verdict? Returned
Loveappella Topeka Crossover Back Knit Top // $54.00

This was another piece where I took it out of the box and was like, "Huh?" I didn't feel like it was quite my style, I didn't get the back, and I thought the front was kind of boring. Then I put it on.

Guys, I love this shirt. It's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for: comfortable, classy, easy to layer, good for work, and it's warm! The cut is really flattering on me (it's a little bit long, so it lengthens), the back is just sexy enough to add interest, and I really like the mixing of textures. Again, I was not expecting to like this sweater (?), but it ended up being one of my favorites. Definitely filled me with joy!

Verdict? Keep!
 41Hawthorn Savanna Embellished Polka Dot Cardigan // $74.00

The first time I saw this cardigan, I loved it. The fabric is really what gets me - it's stretchy and super, super comfortable. It's naturally flattering. The sleeves are long. The polka dots are little fake half pearls. Adorable.

My biggest issue is price. I feel like in every Fix, I get this item that I really like but is way too expensive. Last time, it was this black t-shirt that was around $50. $50 for a black t-shirt?! $74 for a black cardigan?! I just keep thinking that I could go to Old Navy or Express and buy a plain black cardigan (albeit, probably not as soft or high quality) for $20. I really, really like this cardigan, but I'm totally on the fence about whether or not it's worth getting.

Verdict? On The Fence! Please send help - what do you think?!
41 Hawthorn Brucie Polka Dot Pullover // $68.00

Okay guys, I LOVE this pullover. I love it. It's so perfect. It's my favorite thing I got in this box, and I want to wear it every single day. It's comfortable, it's classy and perfect for work, and the inside pattern contrasts perfectly (it's not reversible, which is the first thing J asked me). It's simple, but that's what I love about it, and I love that I can make a cool outfit by wearing this with another pattern. Like the Loveappella top, it's long on me, which lengthens my body and is really flattering. I will probably be wearing this to work tomorrow, as soon as I possibly can. 😊

Verdict? Keep!


All in all, I was happy with this Fix. I've gotten Fixes where I kept everything, and clearly that wasn't the case this time - but I really, really love the items I'm for-sure getting!

If you're thinking about trying out Stitch Fix, I have a referral link where I can get $25 credit for each person that tries it! Here you go: If you're not totally sure, I always recommend trying it at least once! You get $20 off any order you make - so if you end up choosing nothing out of your Fix, it's a $20 stylist fee, but if you end up keeping anything, you get that $20 off the item. So, worst case scenario is that you're out $20, but I've never, ever had that happen. If you keep the whole Fix, you get a much bigger discount!

I'd love your opinion - what do you think about the polka dot cardigan? Better to splurge and get something nice, or get something simple and cheap somewhere else! Please help!!!


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