Wednesday, May 24

5 Ways to Wear Summer Bralettes

When bralettes first started becoming "cool," I was in college and it didn't make sense to me. As a heavier-chested woman, my goal was always to show less: less boob, less bra, less attention to that whole area, honestly. So I started out slow. I was also hampered by the fact that, at that time, most bralettes were bandeaux (I owned this one, or at least something similar to it), which was really my only option that gave me any support.

As the seasons start to heat up, I've definitely found bralettes to be a lifesaver - particularly ones with straps. When it gets hot out, the less I can wear, the better - and if my bra's going to show, it might as well be pretty, right? So here are five different ways to wear bralettes in the summer!

1. With A Tank-Top
This one seems obvious, right? Well, this is something that I felt I couldn't do for a really long time. But then I found this tank top (above) that was really low cut in the front and sides... but I loved it. There was virtually no way to wear it without showing everything, so I had to get over my fears about being a little more on display. While I often just wore a sports bra or similar type of bra with it, there are tons of high-necked or strappy bralettes that would look super cute with a similar tank top: (1) (2) or (3), for example.

2. With a Flowy Top
I'm all about a flowy, loose top, especially with tight leggings and a bit of bra showing! I think it's really the perfect combination of relaxed and sexy. It's not a work-appropriate look, so you can be a little more risque than you might normally. Either a halter or a strappy bralette would look super cute with this look: (1) (2) or (3), for example.

3. With an Off-The-Shoulder Shirt or Sweater
This is my #1 go-to for bralettes - as someone who usually couldn't go without a bra (or at least, felt she couldn't), I am so in love with wearing off-the-shoulder shirts and sweaters! Even if it's just lounging around the apartment, it makes me feel so pretty! For this look, it's more about how you feel - and I usually love wearing more delicate bralettes. Spaghetti straps really weren't part of my wardrobe for most of my life, so this is the perfect excuse: (1) (2 - I'm obsessed with this one) or (3), for example.

4. With a Work Outfit
This was a look I discovered totally on accident - I just didn't want to wear something tight and constricting, so I went a different route and loved the end result! This bralette had thin straps with a criss-cross back, which ended up looking gorgeous with this skater dress (worn here with a skirt over it). Since this was a work outfit, it had to be appropriate and subtle - so something thin, strappy, and not too sexual is necessary here: (1) (2) or (3), for example.

5. For Fun
Honestly, the place I wear my bralettes more than anywhere else is relaxing: doing errands, sitting on the couch, getting coffee on the weekends, etc.! They're so comfortable compared to regular bras that it really doesn't make sense not to wear one if you can get away with it. Don't have a special occasion? You don't need one! What matters how it makes you feel - wearing bralettes makes me feel sexy, relaxed, special, and comfortable, which is exactly what I want to be feeling during the summer months! Some fun, lounge bralettes could be: (1) (2) or (3), for example.

Although I'm dreading the hot summer months (I'm more of a fall girl, personally), I am excited for the chance to break out my tank tops and summer clothes! I feel like it's been snowing in Denver since I moved here, haha. In reality, it just started in November and December, but I'm hoping spring lasts for a little longer before moving directly to summer. I really despise wearing shorts, but I'm looking forward to wearing tanks again when I can pair them with leggings... And after writing this post, I'm pretty sure I need a few more bralettes for my wardrobe!

This post was sponsored by bralette companyAdore Me, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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