Thursday, May 18

Obsessions {vol. 1}

My forever inspiration 💖
Hey friends! I stopped doing "Obsessions" posts last year, but I felt like it was time to bring them back. I got good feedback from people saying that they liked these posts, and hey, I like them too or I wouldn't be doing them! I've got a busy day ahead of me, but let's start out the day with some coffee, productivity, and positivity! Here's what I've been obsessed with lately:

I've been wanting to get back into cross-stitch & needlepoint, so I'm so glad these are becoming "popular" again! I used to sew all the time when I was a kid, but it definitely wasn't "cool" back then. I mostly just need to get supplies - and you can get so many fun patterns on Etsy now!

My husband, J, is obsessed with "X-Files." Like, obsessed. He bought the full box set a few years back, and making our way through the seasons together has been a true joy. We decided that we really want to get "X-Files" tattoos, so I've been looking up designs online. This is actually my favorite one so far. We're not necessarily getting matching tattoos - J's philosophy is that matching tattoos means the death of any relationship and I really don't think he's wrong, haha.

Our new kitchen is actually smaller than our last (though I didn't realize it at the time), which means we've really struggled with where to put things. Dishes were a breeze, but finding room for mixing bowls, appliances, and other odds and ends has been difficult. I've been low-key looking for a shelf for the kitchen, though I'm still hoping that we'll figure out a way to just deal with the weirdness. I love this particular one I found on Pinterest - pretty sure it was from Urban Outfitters originally, but when I looked recently, the shelf was nowhere to be found.

Chocolate covered almonds? Yes ma'am! This recipe can be found on Pinterest, but I'm actually hoping to mix it up and use my own, homemade coconut oil chocolate to cover the almonds! I think that would taste AMAZING!

I follow a lot of food bloggers, but often just click "read" on Bloglovin on food posts. Like, if the recipe doesn't seem useful, interesting, or delicious, why bother? Well, I saw this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats and immediately clicked! I even read through the whole receipe, haha! It looks easy, delicious, and totally perfect for an indulgent treat.

I felt like this all the time in law school, and let me tell ya, I still feel this way as an adult lawyer! 😂

I saw this recipe for hot and sour soup on Pinterest and just had to try it out! I made a big batch last weekend for me and J, and it was sooo good!
This true. 😂

My little brother bought J and I this "It's Always Sunny" poster and we could NOT love it more! 😍

"How to Ditch Imposter Syndrome and Apply for That Job" - YES, YES, YES!

I found this article on accident yesterday, but found it incredibly useful! I knew most of the information on it (making me feel a little less like a transplant), but it was still a great read.

It's already Thursday, folks - let's finish out the week strong!

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