Sunday, January 4

2014 in Review

New Year, more Peking Buffet // Margs at Chili's with J // Got my portrait taken by Stacia for her Feminist Photography Project
Birthday celebrations with friends in Concord // Happy Valentine's Day!
Beautiful memories with my family in Hilton Head

I loved having J visit Concord this spring // I hated having J leave // Brightened up my red!
My bowling team won best attitude // B-Wile and I kicked ass as Scotland in the Beer Olympics // Abby and I looked pretty good for the Barrister's Ball!
Mom came and visited Concord // Erica and I went to El Rodeo several times for date night

I gave blood for the first time // End of the year party at Hilary's // Studying for finals
Clean room, happy cat? // Got back to Iowa City and immediately got Hy Vee Chinese // Reading Game of Thrones in an IC coffee shop
Oyama sushi with J // Macy (RIP) // The view from my Des Moines apartment

So nice to spend time with J again // I got to Liz several times this summer // Mom received an award for being a badass and I got to meet Reka Basu
Go W/ The Flow Yoga with Liz & Macy // I met Maggie and found a bosom friend // A Dong's with J is the best kind of A Dong's
I got to see Chris and meet his lovely gf at Fong's // J and I got engaged // I got to see my favorite high school friends

Went fishing with J and my grandparents // Cuddles with my boys in IC // Animorphs on Netflix
J and I driving with the cats to Concord // Abby, Andrew, J and I headed to Ikea for the first time // My Ikea purchases
I had coffee with an amazing woman who also mediates // Erica came with me to a bridal show // I had an interview for a job with Legal Aid this summer

My cousin Brandee got married this fall and it was great to see all my loved ones // Daenerys for Halloween // Chase and I in Vegas
J and I enjoyed Vegas too // Drove to Hilton Head this winter to pick up J and see my family // I love my people
Christmas Eve feasting // Lots of love time for me and J // Grandma and Kichon on NYE

2014 was such an amazing year! I spent it with great friends, got to spend tons of time with my family, got a lot closer to my law school friends, and got to spend the summer in Des Moines (my favorite place besides London). 

This summer, I learned law, got over my fear of men on the city streets (seriously though), and joined an amazing yoga/barre studio. I got engaged to my best friend in the entire world in the presence of my family. I met inspirational lawyers, got super close to my DWS group, and learned a lot about technique and negotiation. 

I watched my cousin get married to a really great guy. I got to see and hear from J a lot more than last year, and went to Vegas for the first time! I lived with both of my cats, and drove through New York City on my way down for Christmas and NYE!

Being in law school, I can't really say that my year has been "easy" by any means, but it's been fun. I've had a great group of people around me and I'm so grateful for all that I've learned this year. It's definitely been a year of growth - I've really worked on not caring about other people's opinions, and relying instead on my own. I've worked hard to prove to myself that I can be tough while also being fair and nice, and I'm so impressed with what I've accomplished this year. And now I can't wait for 2015 and what it brings! :)

Happy 2015, everyone! I hope your 2014 was as great as mine. :)

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