Monday, January 26

Review: Club W

I tried out Club W through Influenster, where I got my first purchase of three wines for $25! Wine? For a discount? YES MA'AM.

I think the ultimate idea behind Club W is so cool - you pick out wines, based on your taste profile, and they're shipped to you in special packaging to keep them safe. I chose a pino gris and two sauvignon blancs, and was excited to try out the flavors described! Usually I drink wine at home after dinner, but Club W reminded me that wine pairs with a lot of things (revolutionary, I know), which inspired me to pair the wines with foods like cheese and apples!

My favorite of the three wines was the pino gris - the Porter & Plot. It was essentially perfect - crisp, clean, light, floral, fruity - everything I'd ever want in a wine! I still kept the bottle, partially because it's so beautiful and partially so I don't forget what the wine's called!

When I was deciding whether or not to get another package from Club W (this time without the discount), I thought for a long time about what I liked about the service. What I decided was that I get the same, cheap wines at the grocery store each time I go because they're tasty and I know it's a safe bet... But what I love about Club W is the excitement of trying out new things! They're all wines I've never tried before but come recommended and described so that I'm confident that I'll at least enjoy the wines. Plus, the wines aren't just local, and a lot of them are organic or sustainable, from ethical sources!

Ultimately, I decided not to purchase again. I decided to make an effort to go out and buy wines around town that I haven't tried before. It's cheaper, and has the same appeal that Club W had for me. If I had more of a disposable income, I may have stayed with Club W. Additionally, they recommend you send the wine to your place of work, since you need to sign for the wine. I was lucky enough to be home when the shipment came in, but if I hadn't, it might have been a real hassle to get.

I still think it's a great service, but maybe one better suited for people who have a full-time job and more disposable income than I do! As for me, I'll stick with wine from the grocery or liquor store.

If you're still interested in Club W, here's a link to try it out:

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