Monday, January 5

The Most Popular Posts of 2014

Check out the most popular posts on Girl Named Fiddy this year!

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Before this post, I didn't know for sure which were the most popular posts of the year. To be honest, I'm really surprised by which ones were! I knew that I tended to get more hits with outfit posts or Stitch Fix posts, but I didn't expect them to be in the top 10. I especially didn't expect my most popular post of the year to be my tour of my Des Moines apartment this summer, haha. It was one of those posts that I thought would be fun to do, but I definitely didn't think it was that great of a post - especially compared to others!

I think my post about my 1L year of law school is the most useful and honest post I've ever done about law school, so I expected that to be a lot higher in the rankings. I also expected my post about wedding anxiety to be higher, as well as a few of my posts including lists or thoughts about law school. 

It just goes to show that just because you like something, it doesn't necessarily mean your readers do too, haha. Clearly my readership is interested in fashion and outfit posts! And thankfully, I like them too - they're just not my absolute favorite thing to write about.

What were you surprised about my top 10? Were you not surprised? What posts do you like to read the most?

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