Tuesday, February 17

Recipe: Egg Muffins

Are you ready for the easiest breakfast recipe ever?? Because I'm pretty sure these egg muffins are it!

I got the idea to do egg "muffins" from Pinterest, but I mixed and matched a few recipes to find one that worked for me. I started making them so I had a quick and easy breakfast option, and what's easier than this? Bake, store, and pop one in the microwave whenever you need one!


  • Eggs (enough for one per muffin)
  • Chopped up veggies
  • Pan spray
  • Feta cheese
  • Salt & pepper

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and spray down your muffin tin so the eggs don't stick as badly.

For veggies, I chose spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms. I left the spinach whole, and chopped up the mushrooms and broccoli super small. Put a few of your veggies in the sprayed muffin tins (leaving room for the egg!) and sprinkle some salt and pepper over them. After that, crack an egg into each muffin tin, and sprinkle with more salt and pepper. Add a few more veggies, sprinkle with some cheese, and you're set!

After the oven's hot enough, put them in the oven for 20 minutes, and they should be cooked through! I used a sharp knife to cut around the edges of the tin to separate the egg from the tin, even having used the spray. I used a fork to try and pry the egg muffins out, and they all came out smoothly (albeit, with some "scraps" still attached to the sides of the muffin tin).

I used parmesean in this batch instead of feta, but trust me - use the feta! I didn't really notice any flavor from the parmesean, but the feta adds this beautiful little kick to the egg muffins, even if you don't use a lot!

Once they've cooled, I put them together in some Tupperware and store them in the fridge until I need one. In the mornings, I usually microwave them, lightly covered, for 30 seconds, and that heats them all the way through.

Honestly, I've loved having these on hand in the mornings! I like to work out around 6AM, so I wake up around 5:15AM, make some coffee, and eat something before I head out. These are a perfect pre-workout breakfast, because they're small enough to not upset your stomach during the workout, but enough to give you a kick of protein and veggies!

What did I tell you - easy, right? :) Let me know if you try these and like them!

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