Friday, April 3

Review: Temptations Snacky Mouse

I received this adorable little mouse toy from TEMPTATIONS through the Influenster program, and I can't tell you how excited I was to get a cat-themed box in the mail! If there's anything I love getting free for my cats, it's toys - they need entertainment or they spent all night running around like maniacs. I was especially excited because these kind of interactive treat toys are exactly the things both my cats - but James especially - love to play with!

I don't need to tell you how cute this little mouse is - you can see it yourself! Plus, the package I got came with a box of TEMPTATIONS treats, which my cats were thrilled about. The little head twists off so you can drop the treats in, and you can move the "body" around so that the little posts block the treats from coming out as easily.

The only downside this toy had for me was that (and it's kind of a big one) the treats fell out so easily! James and Leif have another similar toy, but the holes are smaller so they have to really work to get the treats or food to fall out. It takes a lot of rolling around until one comes out, so it actually gives them a workout. The Snacky Mouse, while adorable, just takes a little tap on the side to get a treat to fall out when you fill it all the way up, no matter how I adjust the little posts.

See how easily James got two treats out of it?

The whole reason to have these toys (besides cuteness) is to give cats an interactive toy to intellectually stimulate them and maybe give them a workout in the process. Part of me wonders if having such a difficult version of the same toy made James particular good at using this, because Leif had a harder time getting treats out of the Snacky Mouse... but then again, I had to actively work to keep the treats in when I was holding it in those pictures above!

Although I don't like that James isn't getting any kind of workout playing with it, I can't deny that James LOVES the Snacky Mouse! And in the future, I may try putting only a few treats in there. From the other videos of cats playing with the Snacky Mouse, there are only one or two treats in there and it looked like the cats had a harder time getting the treats out. So maybe my big issue with this toy is actually user error!

All-in-all, I think the TEMPTATIONS Snacky Mouse is absolutely adorable, but maybe not worth the money if you have a cat that's used to these kind of games. I could really see this being a good "beginner" level toy for a cat who hasn't experienced interactive treat toys before. James is a pro, apparently, haha.

Do you have any intellectually or physically stimulating toys for your cats? What's worked for you? Have you ever tried the TEMPTATIONS Snacky Mouse? Would you?

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