Monday, April 6

8 Wedding Things I'm Loving

1) These floating carnation "streamers" // I'd love to have them in wine and silver blue, maybe for a photo booth backdrop? I want to include Pi Phi things in little ways in the wedding, because it's such a big part of who I am!

2) Simplicity, with holiday lights // I absolutely love greenery and lights. I think it looks so romantic and real, you know? No one's trying too hard - it's just simple and real and genuine and naturally beautiful!

3) This green and flowery backdrop // This could be a backdrop to a photo booth or what we get married in front of - I just love how simple and sweet it is! If I've learned anything from searching on Pinterest for inspiration, it's that I love greenery!

4) This style of dress (and a flower crown) // My body won't look like exactly that in a similar dress, but I'm hoping that style is flattering on me, because it's what I think I want! And I've wanted a flower crown since J and I got engaged, haha!

5) Unity wine // I get the whole unity candle thing, and I guess people are all about doing "unity sand" nowadays... but that's never appealed to me. Then when I found out on Pinterest that you could work with a winery to find two compatible wines to mix (not just going to store and picking a Merlot and pino grigio - yuck!), I knew that would work for us! J and I are big wine drinkers, but he only drinks red and I only drink white. This would totally work for us!

6) Old-fashioned veil // I used to think I would want a birdcage veil, but it's become so normal, and to be honest, the appeal has kind of vanished for me. While I can't see myself in a traditional veil (I'm not a traditional girl), I like the idea of a vintage-inspired veil - and maybe I could switch to a flower crown for the reception?

8) Succulents on the tables // My mom had the great idea to incorporate J's Arizona upbringing with some little succulents or cacti! I thought it was such a cute idea - I love finding decor that subtly incorporates J and I!

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