Wednesday, April 15

Life Lately {vol. 42}

I love watching the sun rise after my morning workouts! :)

Leif gave me so much stink eye the other morning!

Lipstick makes me feel SO powerful!

J gave me this coffee mug for Christmas, and it's still my favorite in the whole world! :)

James, this doesn't even look comfortable!

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! :)

The Easter Bunny brought me socks for working out, which I was waaay too excited about, haha. 

My love Erica came over after I got back from church and we made fancy Easter eggs! :)

We tried (decently well?) at making deviled eggs!

I adore her! :)

Leif and I, working on our fitness!

I ordered 7 bags of Tapatio Doritos from Amazon and I regret NOTHING!

We are the bestest of friends!

I love my new Fabletics outfit! It's sooo comfy!

My sweet little boy. He loves sleeping on me, and I love it almost as much, haha.

I was feeling gross on Saturday, so I watched an episode of Iron Chef on the elliptical! The workout flew by and I got to watch my favorite show - it's a win-win!

I've been experimenting with cooking tilapia! My favorite recipe so far has been with a little coconut milk and Old Bay!

It was 70 degrees out the other day! It felt so good to open up all my windows! :D

I bought this little cilantro plant (in seed form) at Target, and it's actually growing! I have a renowned black thumb, so this is basically a miracle for me! 

I'm very emotional today - I realized when I walked outside that I looked like I did in London. My hair cut and color are the same, I'm wearing the same coat and scarf I wore 90% of the time there, and I'm wearing the boots I bought in Ireland. All on accident!

I've had a really good few weeks! Mostly I've just been waiting impatiently - waiting for my mom and grandma to visit TOMORROW, waiting for finals, waiting for flying out to see J, and waiting to help move him up! After months of regular law school, this next month is just full of things happening! 

Even though I'm so excited, I'm also struggling with how to get everything done I need to be prepared! When I have people come visit, I really try and get all my homework done around the time they're there so I can focus just on them and not worry so much about law school. I've mostly done it this week, but I still have a few things I need to get wrapped up first... Which means today's going to be busy, on top of my Trial Advocacy class tonight where I have to do a closing argument! It's gonna be a long day!

I can't say enough how excited I am to have my mom and grandma visit! They both have before, but never together. I'm just dying to see them! :)

Have a great week, friends!

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