Wednesday, September 23

Life Lately {vol. 51}

I've been trying really hard to dress up like a real adult lawyer person lately, and I've really liked it now that I have new clothes from Stitch Fix!

I deep cleaned the bathroom while J was at work the other day! It was rough, but so needed!

When Leif was little, he used to sleep on J's skateboards. This is close enough for me! :)

So many cats, so little space in his arms!

Since it's gotten colder out, James has wanted to snug in my sweaters! Seriously, he just paws at my sweaters until I let him in, and then he purrs and sleeps for the next thirty or so minutes.

It was so beautiful out the other day! :) Every once in a while, I decide to walk to the gym and I've never regretted it.

Blurry picture because James is THAT obsessed with ice cream!

Sometimes Concord is really beautiful.

I learned how to make protein pancakes the other day!

I saw this girl cat the other day in PetCo in Concord, and I fell completely in love! I wish we had room for another cat, but also two is MORE than enough for us.

I can't believe how handsome James is sometimes. *heart eyes*

Foggy mornings in Concord!

J, Erica and I went to see Hillary Clinton the other night, and we were chosen to sit up in the bleachers behind her! It was a really interesting night, and I guess we were on MSNBC in clips of her that night!

My boys are so perfect sometimes. :)

J accidently bought me these the other day (I was looking for the FiberOne brownies), but they are AMAZING!

Story of my life, am I right?? I wear this wasn't posed - I was making a grocery list and then I realized that's all I needed!

Snugs for days! :)

I changed up the recipe for protein pancakes to exchange the banana for unsweetened applesauce, and they're AMAZING. I made them with some fresh apples, all cut up and cooked with cinnamon!

I spent the weekend relaxing with my new LUSH face mask and dancing to cheesy songs. It was much needed.

J's mom and stepdad recently drove up with a bunch of J's things, and we found these the other day when unpacking! I made them a few years ago when we were living in Iowa City and hid them all over the house with their eyes poking out. Each of them has a love note on the back, but I had totally forgotten about them!

I also had the chance this weekend to reorganize our two closets and dresser! It feels so good to have it organized since I took out my fall clothes and J had a bunch of "new" clothes that his mom brought!

J and I dogsat for our friends Jay and Tyler this weekend, and I couldn't have been happier to watch sweet princess Ella! She was such a doll!

Jay and Tyler have a gorgeous apartment, but the view on Monday morning was to die for!

Yes, I've fallen into the Starbucks trap and fell in "like" with the PSL. I have a cup of coffee every day, but having espresso makes me so much more productive!

I've decided this week is my cardio week, so I'm running all week. I've been feeling so great! :)

Leif has been obsessed with looking under the counter and fridge lately. I thought it was just the mousetrap, but it's empty... I have no idea what's going on, haha.

I've been feeling so much better this week than I did last week! I kind of had an epiphany a few days ago where I realized that, hey, life is stressful (profound, I know). I'm in law school, I have tons of homework, I'm working 24 hours a week, I'm exercising practically every day, I have an apartment to keep clean (I'm NOT tidy), and I have a fiance and two cats who I need to take care of, and who I need to take care of me. It's a lot, and it wouldn't make sense if I wasn't stressed.

My epiphany was that all of these stressors were going to be there, regardless, so I may as well have fun when I can! Meaning, yes, I need to do my homework and yes, I need to take care of all the things I'm responsible for, but if I need time to clean the apartment (guilt-free) or watch a movie while I do homework, I should!

I haven't gotten as much homework done as I usually do because of this, but I haven't regretted it. Usually I do Monday and Tuesday's homework over the weekend, and this week, I just did Monday's homework. That meant that there was a little more stress during the week, because I wasn't ahead of my homework at all, but just doing tomorrow's homework meant that I had more time in the evening to relax and have fun. I don't know if I will keep doing this in the future, but this week, it was really necessary. I've felt so much calmer, happier, and more stable.

I hope everyone else is doing as well!

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