Monday, September 28

Review: The Wellness VoxBox

I was sent the Wellness Vox Box through the Influenster program, and I was so excited about it! I try really hard to take care of my body, and if I can do it while being environmentally friendly, that's even better! Almost everything in my box was environmentally friendly and I really enjoyed a lot of them. Now for the reviews!

ATTITUDE Shampoo - B+
ATTITUDE Dish Soap - A

I was super excited to get this shampoo, and not just because I was running out of my regular shampoo! I love finding products that are environmentally friendly and made with natural ingredients. I really love that ATTITUDE products are carcinogen-free and with the intent to give you guilt-free products. I reviewed the shampoo and the dish soap.

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with this shampoo - I just can't figure it out with my hair. One time I use it, and my hair gets greasy pretty fast. Another time, my hair dries out. I don't know what's going on, haha! But I somehow think it's user error, like I'm using too much product in my hair afterwards or something. Ultimately, this product feels good in my hair, smells AMAZING, and has a nice lather. Not a perfect product, but a good one in my opinion.

I really love the dish soap! Not only is it carcinogen-free, but it does an amazing job on our dishes! I've used it exclusively for dishes for the past few weeks, and I've been just as happy with it as the classic dish soaps I usually use. It cuts through grease and I'm thrilled with this product. I will definitely be looking for it at the grocery store when it runs out.

Olay Active Botanicals - Refreshing Gel Cleanser - A

I've been using this almost exclusively for the past few weeks and I've been so happy with this product. It doesn't dry it my skin, it lathers up SUPER easily (seriously - I basically use a droplet each time), and it smells amazing! J loves it when I use it because it really does smell that good! I think it's done a good job cleansing my skin and does well getting all my eye makeup off.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer - A+

This was the best of all the products I got in this VoxBox! I had seen a commercial for this and didn't really understand at first - I thought you put it on like a shower gel while you were in the shower. You actually use it right after you turn the water off - before you dry off! I was worried that I'd be too cold in that in-between time, but it really wasn't a problem. More than anything, it works! I am terrible about putting on lotion, but I could actually feel a difference after I'd been using this on my body after only a few days! I'm so happy with how this works, and I'd definitely recommend it!

Colgate Enamel Health Mouthwash - B+

To be honest, I like mouthwash and this seemed like a regular mouthwash to me... but J really loved it! He has sensitive teeth and could feel a difference with his sensitivity after a few uses. That means a lot to me, and maybe it didn't have a huge noticeable effect on me because I only have one sensitive part of one tooth. I trust his opinion (obviously). I really liked this product, and J felt the effects of whatever it is that strengthens enamel in this mouthwash!

Yaye iTunes Application - C-

I was just not happy with this application. First, I couldn't download it. I tried about 10 times over the course of three or four days, and it would just spin and spin and spin... Then when I finally downloaded it, it felt like white noise in a sea of fitness applications. I already have FitBit and don't need a new application. I've used MyFitnessPal (still a big fan of that) and Runkeeper (it's fine), and the only difference is that Yaye is supposed to help you form a supportive friend group. The app works fine (once I finally got it downloaded), but it just didn't seem needed in this kind of app environment.

Urgent Rx Relief To-Go - B+

I used this one afternoon when I was experiencing a caffeine headache, and, long story short, it worked! I don't like fake fruit flavors and "lemon-lime" is one of my least favorites, but again, if the product works, that's great. There are other flavors available, and this one was tolerable even with my picky nature. It's actually a powder that you put on your tongue and just swallow. It was super easy to use and it's a clever way of taking meds. Is it just as easy to take pills? Probably, but this is more fun, right? :)

Overall, I thought this was a good VoxBox! I loved that the products were all health/wellness related, and they all worked (mostly) well. I'm excited to look for some more ATTITUDE products, and since we're all out of the Colgate mouthwash, that's going to have to be future purchase!

Have you ever tried these products? Would you ever try Yaye? Which products do you want to try now?

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