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Spice Vox Box

I have been woefully absent from "Girl Named Fiddy" lately. The last thing I posted was about three weeks ago, and it was a 12x12 post about "The Casual Vacancy." Before that, I had a pretty good excuse for not posting - I was trying to figure out my social media presence, and what I really wanted to post on here given that I want to be employable. Since then, I've just been so overwhelmed with school and work and finals and choir that I've barely had time to think, let alone blog. And what was I going to blog about? Being stressed? Yeah, because no one else is experiencing stress this time of the year... ;)

Anyway, I received a Vox Box through Influenster a week or so ago, and I'm just getting around to blogging about my thoughts on the products!

 Yogi Tea - $4.99 for a box - A+
It should come as no surprise that I love this brand of tea. I've been getting it for months and been so happy with it. The two flavors I've been getting consistently are the "Detox" and "Green Tea Triple Echinacea." Every time I've tried a Yogi brand tea, I've been thrilled. They have great, bold flavors, and it reminds me why I've always been a tea girl. I got these two "Energy" teas in this Vox Box, and I was happy with them. J tried the Sweet Tangerine flavor and loved it, and I tried the Vanilla Spice flavor. Given that neither of these flavors are really my thing, I really enjoyed the Vanilla Spice! It wasn't too sweet and made me feel really peaceful. 

SoapBox Shampoo & Conditioner - $5.99 for 16 oz - A+
I really can't say enough great things about this product. First, I knew I was getting this Vox Box right when I ran out of shampoo and conditioner, so I was already pumped to not have to buy new stuff. Second, this stuff smells like angels: coconuty, sweet, tropical angels. I love the smell of coconut, and both of these products smell like coconut tanning lotion. It brings me back to summer beaches with my family, and just smells good, you know?! Third, these products make my hair feel amazing. It doesn't try it out or strip it, but it still cleanses. The conditioner is light, but powerful. I swear to God, after I used it for the first time, I got TWO compliments on my hair on the same day. TWO. It's madness. Lastly, I think it works really well for different hair types. My hair is thick but really fine, which means I want a product that gives me shine, volume, and softness. J's hair is thick, a *little* coarse, and he hates that his hair gets frizzy after he washes it. I begged him to use this product, and after he tried it, he was so happy with how his hair looked! It still got a little frizzy from the wash, but he said it was miles ahead of how his hair usually feels and looks after he washes it. On top of all of that, for every product sold, SoapBox gives a bar of soap or a month of clean water to a person in need. Did I really need to love this product more?!

Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream - $12.99 - B+
As you probably already know, I typically use coconut oil as a facial moisturizer and I've been very happy using that. Still, I was willing to switch it up and see how I liked this - and in general, I really do! It definitely does a great job moisturizing and it smells great, so I can't complain. Also, a tiny bit of this product goes a very long way, which I love because I hate spending money unnecessarily  The biggest deterrent for me is that the product feels really thick on my face afterwards, so that it feels like there's a thin layer on, even hours afterwards. I've been used to really lightweight products, and this change is not altogether a great one. I still think the product's great and will be continuing to use it, especially as the winter months get drier!

Foot Petals, Give 'Em The Boot - $18.95 - B+
I got these boot inserts, but it's been so warm in New Hampshire recently that I didn't really have an excuse to wear them... but decided to try them out in these boot/slippers I have. They have basically no support, so I wanted to see if these would make a difference. I really didn't feel that these inserts gave support per se, but I did love that they were soft, fluffy, and made these shoes a lot more comfortable! They definitely warmed up those boot/slippers, and I can see them being really useful this winter when it starts snowing nonstop!

 Good Health Veggie Stix - $3.99 - B
I was so excited to get a bag of veggie sticks in my Vox Box! I'm maybe a little bit obsessed with veggie sticks, as J can tell you. I basically beg to get multiple bags when we go to the grocery store. The biggest issue I had with these is simply that they're not the best I've had. My favorites are this kind that are super thin , super crunchy, and gave a good kick of salt. These are a little thicker, but aren't hollow at all, which means they don't have that same crunch that I love in veggie sticks. They also aren't as salty as I would like. They almost have this sweet tinge to them, which I didn't mind (I ate practically the whole bag), but I wasn't thrilled about. There's nothing wrong with this product - it's just not my favorite of this kind of product.

Not Your Mother's Whip It Up - $3.00 for 2.1oz - A
I'm already a huge fan of the "Not Your Mother's" brand, so I was not surprised that I loved this product! I already have the dry shampoo (my absolute fav) and the beach spray, so I was excited to try a new product. I don't usually use mousse just because I'm super low-key when I get ready in the mornings, but now I wonder why I thought using mousse was not low key?! It's been so simple to incorporate it into my daily routine - either after my shower and let my hair dry curly, or when my hair is damp in the mornings. It does exactly what I want a styling mousse to do: it adds volume and curl without making my hair look or feel crunchy!

Sinful Colors SinfulShine Nail Polish - $2.99 - B-
Full disclosure: I am not a nail polish girl. I bit my nails for years and still do it from time to time, even though I've gotten a ton better at it. I'm not the kind of girl who's like, "Hey, I have extra time - let's go get our nails done!" It's kind of a chore for me. The last time I got my nails done, I got a gel manicure for J and I's engagement photos. Point being, I was interested in this product and loved the color they gave me, but wasn't sure how much I would like it. I did my nails yesterday and, needless to say, it was an emotional experience. I was already feel frustrated and stressed from finals, and in hindsight, it was not the day to do something as time-consuming as doing my nails. I cried at one point, (I'm not proud of it) because the color actually takes forever to dry. I was supposed to do two coats of the color and then do the top coat, but it was drying so slowly that I ended up doing color, top coat, color, top coat. 

As a product, I wasn't that impressed. The "2-step" manicure just means that you use a top coat on top. Not really revolutionary - I would have used a top coat anyway. The manicure turned out alright, especially given my terrible nail-painting skills. I just don't see a difference between this product and any other nail polish. If it's supposed to be this special "2-step," process, then that doesn't work for me. The best thing about this polish is the color I got, which I really do love. It's similar to the color I got during my last gel manicure and I adored it.


I was really happy with this pariticular VoxBox! It had a good variety of products, and I really loved most of them! It was a great distraction (albiet a stressful one as well) during finals week. :)

Have you tried any of these products before? Do you love "Not My Mother's" products as much as I do? Would you give the Veggie Stix a chance?

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