Tuesday, December 22

Stitch Fix Customer Service

A few months ago, I bought three pair of Margaret M pants through Stitch Fix, and I was in love. They were stretchy, so comfortable, perfect for work, and super flattering. I paid quite a bit for them ($98 each, without the discount - but since I bought everything in my Fix, they were quite a bit cheaper), and originally was really happy with them.

I first started noticing the "pilling" after I wore them a few times. Since they're stretchy, I guess they're held together in part by these little stretchy strings, and it seemed like they were breaking and poking out in areas. It was mostly happening on my blue pair of pants, where my thighs rubbed together. Not revolutionary - it happens a fair amount with me. It's friction, and it happens. But I noticed it on the other pairs when I washed them for the first time. There aren't washing instructions on them (at least, not in English), so I washed them in cold water and dried on low. The first time I washed them, there was a little bit of pilling on all three pants, particularly in that upper thigh region. But the more I wore them, the worse the pilling got. I tried not to wash them again until I really needed to, and the second time I took them out of the wash, this is what they looked like:

The blue pair, again, looked the worst, but all the pants had the same pilling going on. I thought it was just pilling where my thighs touched, but instead, the blue pair had pilling all the way up the butt! Completely unwearable! I was so upset, because the blue pair were my favorite. For a few days, I just wore my other pairs and thought about what to do. 

Sure, I had worn them a lot, but it had only been a month, tops. When I pay a lot of money for a (supposedly) quality item, I expect that item to hold up. It's why I don't shop at Forever 21 anymore (besides the obvious reason being that I am 25 and presumably more of an adult) - I'm sick of paying a tiny bit of money for cheaply-made item that's going to fall apart in a month.

I don't usually complain about items, and I've really never tried emailing customer service before. But, frustrated, I emailed pictures of the pants to Stitch Fix, explaining that I didn't know what was going on with these pants, but that I wanted something done about it. I boldly asked for new pants, since these were practically unwearable.

And then I never heard back.

Just kidding. But I didn't hear back for over a week, and decided to email them again. This time, I got a response:

I was so pleased with their response, and all of our subsequent communications. They sent me postage to send the pants back to them, and although they did not have any other blue pants to exchange, I got a new pair of the other two pants (the black houndstooth and the black and grey patterned pants). They apologized profusely, and gave me my money back on the blue pants since there was no exchange available. The entire time, they were professional, kind, and understanding.

I'm happy to report that my new pairs of pants have held up so much better. I just washed the black houndstooth pants a few days ago out of necessity (they were covered in cat hair, tbh). I washed them on cold, like usual, but ended up letting them air dry. After doing some google research, it turns out that's the way I was supposed to be washing them, which bodes well. There was a tiny bit of pilling in the upper thigh area of these pants, but so minor and definitely not something I'm upset about. 

Neither pair of pants showed any sign of pilling after wearing them, which is a huge difference from the other pairs I had. I'm not sure if I just happened to get defective pairs the first time around, or if I was being too rough with them, or if I washed them too often in the wrong way - but I'm so glad that the problem is taken care of. I even bought another pair in a beautiful wine color in my last Fix, so I clearly trust the brand and Stitch Fix to get it right. I'm so happy they came through for me. It was great customer service and made me trust that I was getting a good product for my money, when the experience clearly could have been a disaster for both parties.

Moral of the story: Stitch Fix takes care of its customers, and for that, I am incredibly appreciative and grateful!

If you'd like to check out Stitch Fix for yourself, here's a link that gives me credit: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3109295


  1. I am having the same problem! I love these pants and for the price I expected them to last beyond the first wash. I would expect a little wear between my thighs but the back seam is pilling just as your picture. I have a bit of a booty but geez, not big enough to rip out my seams! Hoping Stitch Fix will have a solution for me too.

    1. Hahaha I totally understand, I have a booty myself! We pay good money for this clothing, so I have reasonable expectations for how they'll last. I was really happy with my replacements, and I still wear a few of them. They've held up well, considering, but I'm also really careful to wash them only when I need to, and I never dry them anymore!

      xo M