Wednesday, December 30

2015: Recap

New Years Day (our 4 year anniversary) in Hilton Head // Dancing at a bar // Back to Concord // Reading Watership Down
Leif after tooth surgery // Taking a study break // Visiting my family // Visiting Chase at college
Mom & Dad & I visited Savannah // My new pet hair vacuum (!!!) // Working out // Bridal boxes for my bridesmaids
J visited me during spring break // My bridesmaids all said yes! // Helping Abby & Andrew move // Erica & I at Easter

 Growing a tiny cilantro plant // Mom & Grandma visited me // Wedding dress shopping in Boston // Pizza 4 ever
Post-finals wine tasting // Margs with Erica & Amanda // Flying with James back to Iowa // Seeing Liz again was heaven
J finally graduated!!! // I bought my wedding dress // J moved in with me // Ikea to buy new furniture
Memorial Day // Grilling with J // Hiking with Andrew, J, & the dogs // Working at NHLA for the summer

Coffee hangs // Portsmouth // Grandma & Grandpa visited // Exploring New Hampshire
Work bathroom selfies // Siam Orchid Thai food for our half anniversary // Staycation // Watching "Drunk History" for hours on the 4th of July
Did an entire hearing on my own! // More house sitting with puppies // The best salmon ever // Space museum in Concord
Working at the NHLA booth // Finally beat "The Hobbit" // Breakfasting // Explored the Maine coast

Bought a real plant & haven't killed it yet //  Back to Hilton Head // Got caught in a downpour // Hannah visited me!!
Caught a mouse! // Birthday dessert for Andrew // First day of work // Jeanna & Phil visited us for a weekend
Protein pancakes // Finally got to meet Hillary // Visited Boston to speak to attorneys // Beautiful new planner
Got my nails done // Engagement pictures!! // Apple picking with Abby & Andrew // Joined a local choir

J & I visited Salem, MA // We celebrated Jay & Tyler's wedding // Fall // The best salsa I've ever made
Margot & Shaun for Halloween // Gingerbread latte // Started going to a barre class // Got some great Stitch Fix clothes
Mom & I visited Iowa // Chose a wedding venue // Celebrated Abby & Mert's wedding // Ran a 5K with Erica & Amanda
Thanksgiving with Abby & Andrew // My fav vinyl // We won a wedding photography contest // 3 choir concerts

J & I bought the littlest Christmas tree // Bought new running shoes // Studying for finals // Christmas in Iowa
Chase & I at Star Wars // Caught a cold from the stupid planes // "New" engagement ring // J's birthday
Working out with the family // Felt mushrooms // J on the beach // Saying goodbye until January

I kind of talked about this year in another post, but in a lot of ways, I felt this was a transition year: transitioning to working while in law school, J transitioning to graduate life and working full time, us transitioning to living together again, trying to figure out what we're doing once I graduate this coming spring, making wedding plans... A lot of what we did this year was for big events that will happen in 2016.

It wasn't until looking back, today, when I really appreciated what a good year this was. Sometimes it feels like I spend too much time waiting and not enough time experiencing, but I did experience a lot this year. J graduated and moved in with me, and we had what I dubbed our "New Hampshire Summer," where we tried to explore as much of the state as we could while still working full time. I spent a lot of time with friends, took much-needed breaks, and did a lot of studying. I put myself out there a lot - I asked for jobs, I contacted people, and I learned to brag about myself (within reason, of course). 

I think J and I learned a lot about each other this year as well. We had to deal with a lot of stress about our future, about money, about health and bodies, and especially about jobs. We had to figure out what we liked and didn't like for our wedding. Maybe this year wasn't so much a "transition" year as it was a "learning" year.

It's been fun, 2015. I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring!

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