Wednesday, February 22

This (Work) Week in Clothes {pt.2}

Inauguration Day /// Shirt: Modcloth // Cardigan: Totally unknown - my mom insists it's mine and I wanted it so I didn't really argue // Beanie: Jake's, so I have no idea where from // Jeans: Kut From The Kloth via StitchFix (and my SOL, Jillian) // Shoes: Fossil

Blazer: Cabi // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Fossill // T-Shirt: J Crew 

 Sweater: StitchFix // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Nordstroms, Caslon Gia Lace-Up Booties

Shirt: Thrifted from a friend //  Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Fossil // Pin: Gift from my bestie (This looks like the same one?)

Dress: H&M // Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet // Shoes: Fossil // Pin: Gift from my bestie (This looks like the same one?) // Necklace: Banana Republic

Shirt: StitchFix // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Nordstroms, Caslon Gia Lace-Up Booties

Shirt: StitchFix (via Jillian) // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Fossil // Headband: Gift from Jillian (I think from Urban Outfitters?) 

Running leggings: Target // T-shirt: My friend Mercedes made them (all out now), but she has a killer Etsy shop! // Hat: Modcloth 

Shirt: Banana Republic // Necklace: Gift // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Fossil 

Dress: ASOS // Cardigan: Banana Republic // Shoes: Fossil 

Blazer: Brooks Brothers // Pants: StitchFix // Shoes: Fossil // T-Shirt: J Crew 

Sweater: StitchFix // Pants: StitchFix // Pin: Gift from my bestie (This looks like the same one?) // Shoes: Nordstroms, Caslon Gia Lace-Up Booties

Cardigan: StitchFix (via Jillian) // T-Shirt: J Crew // Jeans: Kut From the Kloth via StitchFix (and Jillian) // Necklace: From some local shop in Hilton Head, SC // Shoes: Nordstroms, Caslon Gia Lace-Up Booties

So, this "work week in clothes" is really a misnomer because these are obviously not outfits from one week, and I didn't wear all of them to work (though I did wear most of them to work). But I had a lot of outfit photos and I figured why not post them all together? I kind of like the idea of this as a series, because, like my Life Lately posts, it's really fun to look back later and see what my style was. 

It's also been really useful for me - as I've said here like, three separate times, I'm currently reading The Curated Closet. To be fair, I was taking photos of my outfits before I started reading the book - but one of the first "assignments" is to take pictures of the outfits you wear and really think about how you felt in them. I haven't read beyond that because, you know, I had to do the assignment first. 😛

I've been really open on my blog about how I struggle with what to wear to work because "professional" clothes (as a general rule) are totally not my style. Like, if I wore what I wanted to wear to work, it would look like the last photo, except I'd be wearing my fav Modcloth beanie.  To be fair, I think I did wear that outfit to work, but it was a day where no clients were coming in and basically no one was in the office, haha. These are probably some of my favorite work outfits I own - I try to wear things that I feel comfortable in, that are easy to put together, and that are interesting or reflect my personality.

I don't understand people who either like basic "professional" clothing or just don't care about wearing clothes that reflect them. Not throwing shade at all - I honestly just don't get it. I like to be comfortable, layered, and kind of boho - not something people really think of when they think of a lawyer. I'm writing this post right now in running leggings and a sports bra. To be honest, that's basically my whole weekend/at home vibe.

At this point in my life, most of what I wear is stuff for work. It means that most of my clothing that actually gets worn is stuff for work, and I don't want to live my life wearing clothes I hate, you know? Life is short - I don't want to waste it feeling (or looking) like crap.

What do you look for in work outfits? Do you care about feeling like yourself at work? How do you feel about fabric choices?

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