Sunday, February 19

Life Lately {vol. 59}

I've been getting really good at roasting chicken! // Sometimes our runs rock and sometimes they don't - but at least I'm running! // I loved my birthday outfit at work! // Birthday drinks for the birthday girl - I got to spend my birthday with J and friends

I love meeting my friend, Rachel, for morning coffee to catch up! // I've been trying to document my outfits when I feel cute (and partially for my "homework" for The Curated Closet). // Inauguration Day // My friends and I marched in the Women's March on Denver! Best day ever. 💗
More pictures from the March, because I took hundreds, haha. My friends at the March (they're basically the coolest people ever) // The best sign I saw that day, held by the happiest, proudest kid and that fills my heart with such joy // I wore my new Raygun shirt ("Watch out Donald: This one's armed!") // Some people created these (costumes? moving statues?art installations?) that they moved around in! They were so intricate and although you can't really tell from my picture, Trump had a Hitler mustache and the sheep's sash says, "Miss Ewe Say."

Morning workouts require morning coffee! // I started (and finished) reading The Taming of the Queen! I really enjoyed it and it gave a very new perspective of Henry VIII than what I was used to because through most of the book, Katherine Parr sympathized with him. Loved it, but it wasn't very uplifting. // I found these new protein bars that are basically giant KitKat bars and I am obsessed! They're so yummy. Usually I hate the texture of regular protein bars because they feel dry and chalky, but these have that wafer in between that makes it feel like a treat. // Chillin' with the cats while I'm cleaning the apartment.

We're trying to sell my desk before we move so we can buy a kitchen table and chairs instead (which will act, essentially like a desk for me and J when we need it), so I cleaned it off a few weeks back! It was so difficult to find a place for everything that was on it, but we did it! // Leif really loved his "new" cat tree // J and I bought macrons as a belated "wedding present" (mostly) for him since most of what we got as gifts was really stuff I use, haha. I'm not a huge fan of macrons, but J's obsessed! They were really rich, so I just had a few bites of the flavors I was interested in. // How adorable is Leif and his little belly?!

I finally bought frames for most of my diplomas and certificates! // I also used our HappyLamp for the first time! I don't know if I'm dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder right now, but I thought I'd give it a try. I've used it several times since, and I've never felt worse after using it, so what's the harm? // Feeling pretty with my coffee, my book, and my kitty // I went for a long walk to Wash Park and the street was filled with crows! It was super spooky and noisy!

I pickled about 24 jalapenos, sliced, a few weekends ago! J's still working his way through them, and I made a killer salsa! // Still working on The Curated Closet // I'm not usually a fan of working out at night, but it's been so hard for me to get out of bed lately. // I'm working really hard on finding work outfits that I actually like. "Formal" work wear is not my style at all, so it's been a struggle to find appropriate clothes that don't make me feel ugly or boring.

J is a saint // How cute are my boys?! // It's been so warm and beautiful here lately and I never forget to appreciate it! // Another day, another workout...

I'm sure ya'll are sick of the pictures of my feet, but I'm still so pumped to go anywhere that's not home or work, haha. // I loved my outfit the other day! // So, it turns out my calluses are all gone and I need to build them back up. Yuck. // The deli downstairs at work sells stuff like sandwiches most of the time, but I guess on Thursdays, as the owners are Korean, they sell bibim bap as a special! I tried it and it was amazing! I can't wait for next Thursday!

J and I went to a show in Englewood a few weeks ago! We saw Angel Olsen and Chris Cohen, who were absolutely incredible. I had a few songs from both of them already, but I've been listening to them so much more since! // Since it was so nice out, I walked home from work the other day.

J was gone for the rest of the week on a trip to Arizona, so I was car-less and walked almost everywhere! Thank goodness the weather was so nice. // My little baby boy! // My friend Mercedes made this shirts to benefit the National Parks, so obviously I had to have one!

When you have to be creative with the Roobma 😂 // My friend Erin came over on Saturday and I successfully hooked up the VCR by myself for our Disney movie night! // Pablo's coffee has the best iced coffee I've ever had // The many (cute) faces of Leif

I spent most of Sunday cooking and food prepping! It's not really my "thing," but I had a bunch of veggies that were about to go bad and I knew I needed to use them up! // When you read the signs 😂 // I tried baking my favorite bran muffins on Sunday, but I didn't have apple sauce and they were just awful! They never "dried out" in the middle and were super hard and kinda burnt on the outside. Lame! I picked up some apple sauce during the week and re-made them - total success! // Valentine's Day alone was alright - I had movies, sushi, and cats!

Feelin myself! // J and I have looked at three homes in person so far, and two just a few days ago! I knew one of them was going to be a major fixer-upper - it was just a question of whether it would be major cosmetic changes or whether things like the roof, foundation, floor, etc. would need to be replaced too. It was this beautiful old 1900's home with built-in cabinets - but when we saw it, it was so definitely haunted, haha! Immediately when you get in the door, there's this weird space to the left with this super old wooden piano that totally seems like it should be an organ that some old butler named Jeeves plays late at night to bother the neighbors. Unfortunately, the house looked like it had some foundation issues, needed a new roof, and definitely had some water damage on the second floor. Plus, J was feeling some major bad vibes in the house, so it was a no-go. // I got this off-the-shoulder shirt from my mom for Christmas (and I mean, I hoped pick it out, so I knew it was good, haha) but it has quickly become one of my favorite things to wear to work! It's this beautiful, thick material that makes it feel more formal and work-appropriate. I'm not really on the whole bell-sleeves-dress train, but I do love a good bell sleeve if the moment presents itself!

I use Bloglovin' to get a feed of my favorite blogs every day. A few days ago, I was reading through posts and I stumbled across one of my favorite bloggers. She explained that she hadn't posted in a week or so, but that she had promised herself never to apologize for a break in posting.

Her whole post really spoke to me, but that part almost made me laugh: I'm always apologizing on here when I don't post for a while. Obviously one of my goals this year was to post 3-4 blog posts a week, and I definitely posted nothing last week, so my first instinct was to apologize. It's not like I didn't have posts planned; I was just exhausted and busy and didn't get around to the posts I had planned. But I'm going to try not apologizing. Because sometimes real life gets in the way, and that's okay.

I struggle with how much to share on here sometimes. I posted on Facebook yesterday about how someone once told me that they were jealous of me because it seemed like I had my life together and I was accomplished. And my reactions was like, "Wait, me?" I don't post on social media when I'm sobbing over feeling like a total failure, or when I'm worried about money, or when I'm concerned with job stability. I don't post when I'm struggling to love my body or when my face won't stop breaking out or when I spend literally all day on the couch because I don't have the motivation to do anything else but binge watch Netflix shows. 

My goal for this blog and for my social media accounts is not to make it seem like my life is perfect. I feel like my life is in shambles like, half the time, haha. I have the best husband in the entire world, but most of the time, that feels like the one thing I have down. But as I was writing this on Facebook yesterday, I kept thinking, "Why don't I post about my body issues, or about my face breaking out, or about how stressful money stuff is?" I don't want to share too much with the internet, but aren't these things that I would want to read about? Aren't those the things I would totally relate to and would form those meaningful connections that I really started this blog to make?

I would love to know your thoughts. I don't know if you're reading my blog because you're my grandma (Hi, Grandma!) or because you're a friend from high school or because you randomly found it on the internet, but my goal here is to connect - and part of that means getting feedback about what kind of content you're actually interested in that I can provide. I censor myself on here a lot because, you know, I want to be hireable. There's this fine line that I'm always trying to walk between under-sharing and over-sharing - but I'd love to know what kinds of things you're actually interested in me sharing.

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