Monday, July 10

Obsessions {vol. 2}

I am hoarding Harry Potter tattoo ideas on Pinterest. Don't you dare judge me. 😂

I found this recipe for chocolate mug cake on Pinterest a while back and I've been making it obsessively since! Except that, most of the time, I just eat the batter... 😂

Besides the boxes, this is my dream workspace. 😍

Are you as fascinated as I am about the new evidence about Amelia Earhart?!

I'm really, really good at the hydrating part! 😂

I cracked up laughing over this! Vernon's still a POS, but is totally ready to fuck with wizards. Let us all display the bravery of Uncle Vernon and literally nothing else about him.

This broke my heart earlier in the week. I really miss having a president of whom I could be proud. I also just miss having an intelligent person as president.

5 Creativity-Boosting Things to Do in Your Alone Time This Summer

I'm not much for dead animals hanging on my wall, but this is gorgeous!

I love love love this little kitchen! I feel like that fridge would hold practically nothing, and yet I'm obsessed! It just feels so bright, airy, and organized.

Happy Monday, friends! I don't know about you, but I have a BUSY week ahead of me and I feel like I'm just scrambling to get everything done before Friday, when I fly out to Iowa for the next two weeks. J's holding down the fort here in Denver - I'm bummed he couldn't get work off, but I think he's going to enjoy two weeks without me hogging the blankets. 😉

Personally, I'm super excited to go "home" for a while. I miss my friends and my food places and (of course) my family! It should be a really fun and productive two weeks, and it doesn't hurt that my parents are bringing their "puppy," Dash. While my parents go on Ragbrai that last week, I'll be working full time at my mom's office and watching Dash all by myself! I'm totally excited for puppy snuggles. 😍

I hope your Monday's going well so far, and that it only gets better from here. Let's get it, gang!



  1. Seriously considered a Sneg in our kitchen because it was one of the few fridges that would fit the weird sized opening in the cabinets. Unfortunately it was twice our budget and no warranty at all. C'est la vie!

    1. No way! That's SUCH a shame - I really love the whole aesthetic, but it's so weird that it doesn't come with a warranty...

      xo M