Tuesday, July 4

Cute Work Clothes

I've been really open about my struggle to find clothes that are appropriate for work while still feeling like me. I found a bit of a rhythm over the past few months, but there's always room for improvement!

Some people can go to work every day and not give a hoot about their outfit, but that's just not me - what I wear affects how I feel, so it's important! I want to feel beautiful, well-fitted, comfortable, classy, and always a little fun. So often, workwear is totally boring: bieges, blacks, whites, classic cuts, and nothing that gives you a glimpse into who that person actually is. 

As a lawyer, you can't always wear what you want to wear for the sake of "professionalism," but I do think there's a benefit to dressing like yourself. If you're comfortable, it will show! People - clients, bosses, co-workers, etc. - all have bullshit meters, and if you're not being authentic, it's going to eventually show. When you're wearing something you actually like (and that fits you well), you act more relaxed and authentic, and therefore are more fun to be around. You'll probably do your job better too, because you won't be busy yanking down your skirt or thinking about how you look - you'll be giving off ~* that glow *~ of self-confidence that comes from wearing something that makes you feel like the best version of you!

With that in mind, I put together a list of workwear items from Modcloth that I'm giving total heart eyes right now! 😍 What I love about them is that they're all professional, but are in no way boring - they're classy, but still allow you a sense of individuality. What more could you ask for?

From top left to bottom right

From top left to bottom right

From top left to bottom right

Overall, I love these ideas for a work wardrobe! I haven't been much for wearing dresses lately, but I can't stop thinking about that high-necked, striped shirt and that wine-colored wrap skirt! I have to actively convince myself that I don't need them right now, haha.

If you've never shopped at Modcloth before, you can get 20% your first order! Modcloth's also having a sale until midnight tonight, so take advantage - 15% Off everything, 20% Off $100+, 30% Off $200+! If you use those links, I get affiliate credit if you buy anything. 😊

What do you look for a work wardrobe? How to you balance professionalism and personality? Which was your favorite item from my collection?


  1. I know you are featuring the top (top right) but that PONY SKIRT. Amazing.

    1. Girl, I KNOW. 😍💕 I'm not totally convinced I could pull that off, but I feel like you would look SO chic!

      xo M