Tuesday, December 17

2013 {part 1 of 3}

This year, I…

  • Started growing out my hair
  • Drank a lot of margaritas with J, Kelsey, and Jeanna
  • Played with many a puppy at Petland
  • Applied to law schools across the East Coast
  • Moved out of our apartment in Coralville
  • Moved in with J's family in Iowa City
  • Went to the Harry Potter themepark in Orlando with my family
  • Got my first VoxBox
  • Celebrated St. Paddy's day in Chicago
  • Celebrated my friend Alex's marriage
  • Probably got mercury poisoning from eating so much sushi
  • Came to Des Moines to celebrate my friend Lauren's birthday
  • Ran just over 5 miles for the Boston Solidarity Run
  • Discovered Thai Ginger Soups
  • Helped J and his mom clean the flooded basement
  • Learned how to make Coconut Oil Chocolate
  • Spent an entire day with my friend Erin in Des Moines and Indianola
  • Visited UNH Law for the first time for an Open House
  • Discovered Tapatio Doritos
  • Hung out in Des Moines with Kendra and Taylor
  • Rejoiced in the deliciousness that is Peking Buffet
  • Went out with Madison and Katie in Downtown Iowa City
  • Got my first StitchFix box in the mail
  • Met the neighbor cat, Charley
  • Saw Cursive in concert with J
  • Colored my hair coral
  • Flew to Arizona to see J's family, friends, and drive his car back to Iowa
This has been an amazing, heartbreaking, enlightening year! It was definitely full of ups and downs I lost some friends, gained many more, was pushed to my limits, and (like the rest of us) I'm still standing. 

I got to live with my best friend and then live thousands of miles away from him. I started law school. Being so far away from anyone I grew up with made me appreciate my family and friends so much more. It made me realize that I could not be strong all the time, but also that I couldn't afford to be weak all the time either. I learned that it was okay to be lonely and sad, and that those feelings are always temporary. 

It hasn't been a walk in the park, but I do feel that I've gotten stronger everyday And part of that strength came from breaking down so much this year, because each time I fell down, I got up and I'm better for it.

I hope you've had a wonderful year! Keep checking for part 2 of 3 & part 3 of 3!
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. We seemed to have the same idea of posting about our year :) I can't wait to see the other two parts!

    1. Hehe great minds think alike! :) Your post was adorable!

      xo Madie