Thursday, December 19

2013 {post 2 of 3}

This year, I…

  • Learned how to make Parm-Roasted Edemame
  • Celebrated the 4th of July with J and his mom down by the lake
  • Watched "The Shining" for the first time
  • Found J's old Game Boy and Red Version
  • Spent time with my family in Des Moines
  • Saw "The Conjuring" with J
  • Had lunch with the family at the Machine Shed
  • Watched my mom on "20/20"
  • Packed to road trip to Concord with my dad and J
  • Took James to the vet, where he was a demon child
  • Explored Concord with my Dad and J
  • Ate an embarassing amount of Speghetti-O's with Meatballs
  • Law school homework, all day, err' day
  • Bought James a cat tree
  • Enjoyed my first day of law school
  • Started drinking coffee every day
  • Colored my hair Atomic Turquoise
  • Took full advantage of the Orange Leaf in town
  • Watched Insideous with Abby and Andrew, and fell in love with their dogs
  • Went to Insidious 2 with my friend John
  • "Created" my new favorite soup in the entire world
  • Went to the Women's Bar Association of New Hampshire
  • Went apple-picking with some law school friends
  • Got a care package from my family
  • Spent Colombus Day weekend with my family in Hilton Head
  • Got super sick, like the rest of my law school section
  • Spent a weekend with my grandparents in Concord & Salem, Massachusetts

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