Monday, October 6

My Favorite Recipes

This is one of my very favorite recipes ever, and I make it at least once a month (for several meals). It's healthy, absolutely delicious, and full of veggies and nutrients... but you'd never know it because it's just that good! Plus, it's easy to change out which vegetables you use - which means you can adjust this really easily to whoever you're cooking for.

Plus it's one of my favorite kind of meals - one where you can put all the ingredients in, and just let it cook on its own!

Kale chips are my favorite (and let's be honest, one of my ONLY) way of eating Kale. On it's own, I feel like Kale can be really bitter and totally not my thing. Add in some olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper, we're in business! Holy cow are these good. The only real trick with these is figuring out when you need to take them out of the oven, because they burn like THAT. But when they're great, there's nothing that compares!

I assume they keep pretty well, but I've never tried... because they're all gone within twenty minutes of making them.

I hate female stereotypes, but god do I love chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the better. Homemade coconut oil chocolate? Even better! This is smooth, rich, creamy, bitter, and just the right amount of sweet, because you can make it exactly as sweet as you'd like! I've never made a batch that wasn't absolutely perfect.

Moreso, it's not the kind of chocolate that you need to eat an entire bar of to feel satisfied - it's so rich from the cocoa and the coconut oil that you don't really want to eat tons of it at one time. You feel like you got your chocolate craving taken care of after a piece or two at the most!

This is by far my favorite of my favorite recipes! I make this about once a week... maybe once every two weeks if I've been really busy or haven't been able to go to the grocery store. Like the tortellini soup, it's absolutely full of delicious nutrients and some of my favorite foods and flavors. Seafood? Spinach? Broccoli? Muchrooms? Asian flavors? Spice? ALL OF THE ABOVE. Yummmm! It's a seriously guilt-free way to have your favorite seafood and Asian flavors, all in one warm soup.

I actually made it this week when I was feeling really sick, and it made me feel a ton better. The spicy flavors cleared out my sinuses, and the warm soup and coconut milk felt really good on my throat! It's basically perfect in every way.

What are some of your favorite go-to recipes? Have you tried any of mine? Which look the best to you?

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