Sunday, September 21

My Latest Stitch Fix {vol. 3}

Straight-Cut Boyfriend Jeans
I was over the moon about these pants! I specifically asked for a pair of boyfriend jeans, and they did not disappoint. These pants were stretchy, a little baggy, and a really cute cut. I could totally see myself wearing these all the time, and I couldn't get them out of my head. The jeans were a little more expensive than I wanted to buy, but they were also something I really needed in my wardrobe. I'm SO glad I bought them, because I've worn them so many times this week already!

Polka-Dot Skirt
I really liked this skirt - it was a great length, it fit really well, and I could see it matching really well with floral prints! However, I just wasn't thrilled by it. I have similar items in my closet, and I'm just not wearing skirts and dresses as much as I'd like to make this purchase worth it. What I really need (skirt-wise) in my closet is a suit skirt... So I didn't purchase this, even though I really liked it!

High-Low Cardigan
This was a really interesting cardigan, even though I wasn't in love with it. I loved the print, and I liked the idea of it since I love cardigans so much. I wasn't really into how low the cardigan went in the back since it was so much shorter in the front. I really saw myself wearing it in class or out to Starbucks on the weekends, but for the price, I didn't think I would purchase it on its own. I didn't end up getting it.

B&W Striped Dress
I was completely in love with this dress, and who could blame me? It was sooo comfortable, tight (but not too tight), and made me feel so beautiful and womanly! I loved how the dress bottom was kind of a tulip skirt, and I liked how it wasn't too short. My biggest issue with this was entirely price and necessity - I already have plenty of casual & tight dresses in my closet, and I already have a black and white striped one from Stitch Fix. For how expensive this dress was (and how much I REALLY wanted those pants), it just didn't make sense with my budget to purchase this dress as well. Sad face.

There was another shirt in the fix, but it just didn't work. It was a t-shirt with a patterned back. I already have an almost identical one from Stitch Fix, except the one I already have fit me way better and was much more "me." Luckily, my roommate loved the shirt (and it looked awesome on her), so she bought it! 

All in all, this was THE best Stitch Fix box I've ever gotten! My stylist really seemed to get me and my style. I feel like I've been sent really boring, classic pieces in the past that just weren't me. 

This time, my biggest problem was price. I actually considered spending about $150 to get everything in my box (with a discount applied), but ended up being responsible and just buying the pants since they seemed like the most useful purchase. If everything had been a little bit cheaper, I think I really would have bought it all! Weren't they cute?!

If you're interested in Stitch Fix, here's a link that will give me referral credit:

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Would you have kept everything, or just gotten a few of the pieces?

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