Monday, July 20

Exploring New Hampshire

If you've been reading my blog this summer, you know that it's been really important to me to get out and actually explore New Hampshire this summer! My grandpa has been scolding me for the last two years for not going to see the parks and wilderness, but during the school year, it's just not possible for me: I'm exhausted, I'm busy, and when I do have free time, I really want to use it to relax, not to run around the state.

I've been doing my best this summer to explore new parts of New Hampshire, and I got another great opportunity a few weeks ago when my grandparents came to visit! They took J and I to this adorable bed & breakfast near Plymouth, and then we explored The Flume, The Basin, the Mount Washington Hotel, and the landmarks leading up to the Hotel! It was such a great weekend - I loved seeing my family, spending time with them and J, and exploring all these new, beautiful areas in my adopted state! Check out my pictures from the trip!

I learned so much of New Hampshire history during this trip, and it always amazes me (even when I'm just driving through) that people actively decided to settle here. It still seems like such wild country, and I can't help but put myself in their shoes and try and look at it from a settler's point of view. Would I have the balls/ovaries to look at this wild expanse of land, full of rivers and lakes and mountains and ridges and waterfalls and been like, "Oh yeah, this is definitely the land I'm here to conquer"? No, probably not. I'd probably try and find a nice field to live in. Like Iowa, haha. Point being, I have the most respect for the immigrants who came to this land. New Hampshire is a beautiful, wild country, and I couldn't have lived here before cable and air conditioning. :)

What parts have you explored of New Hampshire? Which are your favorites?

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