Wednesday, July 22

Restaurant Review: Yuki Sushi

When J and I first came to Concord two years ago, one of the first things we tried to do was find "our" sushi restaurant in the area. We had only been here a few days, so I looked on Living Social. The reviews for the places around Concord seemed pretty "meh" at best, but there was a sushi restaurant in Manchester that was well-reviewed: Yuki Sushi. It was around 30 minutes away, but J and I wanted to get to know the area and decided to make a mini-adventure of it.

From the original trip to Yuki! J was kind of enough to take outfit pictures for me afterwards.

The first thing about Yuki Sushi is that you would probably never know it's as good as it is from where it's located. It's not in downtown Manchester at all - it's down a few side streets and located in a dying strip mall. It's kind of hard to find, but follow the directions of your GPS and you'll probably make it there just fine.

The next thing you should know is that their lunch deals are fabulous! They have a bunch of deals on the fancy and basic rolls, and almost every special comes with soup and salad! Plus, every appetizer I've had there has been amazing, and by sharing a few of everything, everyone can leave full without feeling like their wallet's been emptied. I've eaten there for dinner before too, and while it's more expensive because it's dinner, I do think you get good food for the price you're paying!

This last time J and I ate there was for our anniversary, and J ordered Ginger Calamari as an appetizer for himself (don't worry, he shared some, aka I stole some). It wasn't something we'd had before, but we both loved it! The calamari was tender and super flavorful, and the sauce was dynamite! There was more than enough for J on his own, and that kid can eat like nobody's business. I had to fight him off to get a few bites in! ;)

Every time I got to Yuki now, I have to get the Agadashi Tofu. I got it once with my bestie Erica, and I haven't been able to resist it since. It's even good heated up in the microwave, which seems like madness! It's basically just fried tofu, but the sauce they put on it has some kind of black magic in it. I have no idea how they pack that much flavor into one sauce, but wow.

Overall, I've been really pleased with their sushi. They don't skimp on the rice-to-fish ratio (you're definitely getting your money's worth), they have a good variety on the menu, and it's comparatively pretty affordable! It's by far my favorite sushi restaurant in the Concord/Manchester area.

To be fair, I've been totally unimpressed with all the other sushi restaurants I've been to so far in Concord. The ones I've been to either give out tiny portions, charge a ton, or some cruel combination of the two. I've been totally spoiled with Oyama Sushi in Iowa City, which remains my favorite sushi restaurant of all time despite the fact that, yes, it's in Iowa City. Yuki Sushi here in Manchester is by far the best I've found in the area, especially for the price!

Don't be fooled by the strip mall - Yuki Sushi is serving some seriously delightful food, and their lunch specials make it affordable for even the average law student!

Have you ever been here? Which is your favorite sushi restaurant in the area?

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