Friday, August 7

Exploring Maine

Neither J nor I had ever been to Maine, so when we had a spare Saturday, we decided to take a trip up to Portland! We stopped by Kennebunkport so I could chow down on a lobster roll (J got a hamburger, haha), then kept heading North to Portland!

Funny enough, I hardly got any pictures of Portland while we were there! J and I stopped in a coffee shop to use the restroom, have a little coffee, and drink some water, which we needed really badly. To be honest, the coffee shop was exactly what I had pictured when I thought of Portland, Maine.

After the coffee shop, J and I walked over to Old Port to do some window shopping, but had to trek back again to move our car. We drove around Old Port for about fifteen minutes before finally finding a parking spot, then we walked around, looked at shops, and tried to enjoy ourselves despite the heat!

Eventually, we walked back towards the coffee shop and waited for a table at Duck Fat for an early dinner! By this time, both of us were incredibly thirsty - especially me! I bought this giant thing of water at a nearby natural foods store, and I didn't regret that $2.00 for a second. By the time our buzzer went off, I think we had finished about half of it!

I never even got pictures of the beautiful food at Duck Fat - I think J and I were just so hungry at that point, and the food was SO good neither of us wanted to wait. Just ask my parents - you know I'm excited about the food when I don't take the two seconds to take a picture of it! I got their Belgian fries with truffle ketchup and a bacon, tomato, and goat cheese panini, while J got their poutine. J said it was probably the best poutine he'd ever had (he's slightly obsessed with poutine, btw), and honestly, those fries with the ketchup were the best I'd ever eaten. WOW. It would be worth driving back up to Portland and waiting for another 45 minutes just to eat another 30-minute meal at Duck Fat.

J and I both really enjoyed Portland, Maine, but I do wish we had gone with someone who had lived there before or really knew the city well. We both kind of felt like we were stuck in a tourist area, and we wanted to see more of the actual city. It's definitely worth going back, but we'd like to see more of where real Portlanders (?) hang out!

Have you ever been to Portland, Maine before? Have you ever eaten at Duck Fat?

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