Monday, August 24

My Last First Day of School!

Hey friends! Today was my VERY last first day of school (god willing), and boy was it exhausting! It was also my first day of work at my legal residency this semester, which is basically like an internship I get class credit for. I'm working at this amazing law firm in Concord, where I'll be doing employment law almost entirely on the plaintiff's side.

For my first day, I mostly just got used to my desk and the environment, though I did start on some work. If today's any indication, I'm going to LOVE working at this firm!

After I got off work this afternoon, I had two classes: Administrative Process and then Business Transactions. I finally got home around 5PM, and I can't say how good it felt to put on some sweats, make myself a drink, and watch some cooking shows on Netflix! It was a well-earned relaxation before I start doing Wednesday's homework. :)


I realized this morning that I've taken a "first day of school" picture every year since I started law school, so I took a quick one this morning. I also added the last two years' pictures to this post! 

It's so clear how much I've changed during law school. Not just the hair (though it admittedly looked FABULOUS last year), but looking back, I think I was rebelling really hard against changing my "look" during 1L year. I really wanted everyone to know that I was "different," which I think makes total sense at that point. No one knew me yet, and I didn't want anyone to get the impression that I was some stiff, straight-laced person. Granted, about two weeks later I dyed my hair bright blue, so that took care of any misconceptions. ;)

Point being, I've had a really hard time fitting in to the legal community over the past few years because I was so opposed (and scared) of changing who I was as a person. I like bright colors and I'm kind of strange and weird and I love my nose ring... But I think I've recognized that clothes (even conservative ones) don't define me - I do, and I wear them differently because of who I am! I'm also so much more comfortable with my classmates; none of them are likely to get the wrong impression at this point, haha.

1L year first day of school pic

2L first day of school pic

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of school! :) Do you ever struggle with people's perception of you? What about your perception of yourself?

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