Saturday, January 2

2016 Goals

Happy second day of 2016, everybody! I know it's a tough time of year for a lot of people, and not just because of the holidays - this is also the time of year when half the population decides they want to lose 50 lbs and the other half of the population grumbles and mocks them for it.

Personally, I love goals for a new year. I love a chance and a time for self-improvement, and since I have yet to reach a state where I no longer need to improve myself, self-improvement it is!

I have a lot of big goals for 2016 (that really require no explanation):

  • Graduate from law school
  • Marry J
  • Move to Denver
  • Get a job in Denver at a great firm
  • Pass the Colorado bar exam

I also have some smaller goals for 2016:
  • Read 12+ books this year and continue my 12x12 challenge
  • Give away 200 things
  • Run 8 miles at one time

I have a few more "smaller" goals that I've decided on, but mostly they're goals for how I treat others and to be (in general) more conscious about the kinds of foods I put in my body. They're not concrete goals, so I decided not to list them here. It doesn't make them any less real to me!

One thing J and I are trying out this month is going vegetarian! We were talking about doing it all year, but both of us thought it'd be smart to try it out for the first month and then recap. I didn't think it'd be that difficult since I mostly eat pescatarian, but I already almost messed up! I was bringing up some cold pizza for lunch and I had already eaten half a pizza (mushroom, thankfully) before I realized that the two beautiful pieces of pepperoni pizza on my plate were not, in fact, vegetarian. Weird how that happens, huh?

In some ways, I have a lot fewer goals than I did last year, but to my credit, a lot of my goals this year are BIG. Most of the work is already done for them, thankfully. For example, while I don't take graduating law school for granted by any means, I appreciate the fact that I have one semester to go and basically just have to fill out the right forms and pass all my classes. Marrying J should also be a pretty easy one to meet. ;) Moving to Denver is at least mostly dependant on me getting a job in Denver. Still crossing my fingers on that one!

2016's going to be a big year for me, folks. This is finally the year of happening, not waiting, and I'm so anxious and excited to see what happens!

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